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Review:water_lily43175 says:
COULD Cal and Gabe be antagonising each other ANY MORE right now? Ugh, I totally get where Gabe's coming from here, but I also agree with Cal and what he's trying to do ... and at the same time it's easy to see why Gabe thinks Cal is being rather blase about the whole thing. MEN.

Ho hum, a visit to Daedalus. I like the game he plays here - "You rejected my offer, what do I have to gain in helping you?" It's sneaky. Very sneaky. But I like sneaky. And Gabe agreeing to go back to him is an interesting move indeed, though I guess he feels he doesn't have a choice. And oh god evidence isn't good. Jen, what have you DONE?

"Tobias looked as if he'd been told he'd failed the Minister and needed to commit honourable suicide at that exact moment." I love Toby, bless him. And I love Kingsley as well, if he doesn't win this election I'll be gutted! Love Tanith's unwavering support for Toby throughout the day, too. The election campaign may have proved a bit of a thorn in her side, but now they've both come to understand compromise she's okay with it and I LOVE HER for this.

That, and she knows it's going to be over soon.

Oh man, Toby visiting Tom? DON'T DO IT HE'LL KILL YOU! Seriously worried here. Because TOM IS GUILTY YO.

Jen denying alibi. Whut. OH. OH. Man is Tom. Oh lordy faeces hits fan. Well Tom MUST be guilty. He must be. Because otherwise, why would Jen try to deny the alibi even though she then faces charges? She could easily explain the visit off as Tom being a good friend or something ... but she denied it so she must have known that it wouldn't help her to say where she was so HE'S GUILTY. But ... that would mean she knows what's going on. Really? REALLY? Oh god mind is a mess right now. JEN CAN'T BE GUILTY. Ugh.

YES! I knew it! Guilty Tom! Oh no Tobias, of all the situations to get yourself into... I knew that visiting him was a bad move! But the truth comes out, Tom IS the guilty party!

And how ironic that Gabe, instead of procuring Jen an alibi, has just ended up finding incriminating evidence instead. OH GABE.

Why must every other chapter end with a cliffhanger - and more to the point, why must it be the second chapter EVERY TIME? You make me not want Ignite, and then you make me feel bad for not wanting Ignite when I then enjoy the chapter! Bleurgh, you've made me an excited mess right now. I hope you're happy.

Author's Response: This is a BAD Cal and Gabe talk. :( Cal is trying to help but, as he says, Gabe's NEVER been like this before. He doesn't know HOW to help. Note that in the past, Cal giving Gabe a clip around the ear has usually worked. This time Cal tries it and Gabe is just angered by it. The stakes are too high. It's JEN. And I am fond of Daedalus in this scene, too. As far as he's concerned, the case isn't over, and him giving illegally obtained evidence isn't exactly helpful to Tanith in a high-profile case where a lot of transparency will be needed. So him helping Gabe would just be a favour (if you're not Gabe, it's easier to believe that Jen's innocence will be found just over the course of the investigation), and he owes Gabe nothing. But he's still manipulative enough to reel him back in over it.

T/T are rather sweet in this scene. They're able to be one another's rocks in the Career Crunch Time. Which is huge growth for them and is kind of adorable if I say so myself. But yes, Tanith has an easier time because she knows it will be OVER soon; she'd be much worse off if she didn't think it would be!

*cough* Visiting Tom, going badly? Whatever would make you think - oh, well, YES, evidence, if you want to be picky. If Jen does know all about Tom and is covering for him, then yes, Gabe's managed to make this situation much, much worse. But we'll see come the next chapter. Which, heh, yes, comes after the next Ignite, still in the queue.

I promise the next Ignite is a DOOZY if that helps. And yes, I'm very happy. ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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