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Review:water_lily43175 says:
HERE. Finally. BTP yes.

It's so frustrating that Jen is imploring Tanith to believe her alibi because it's Gabe, when that's exactly what Tanith did before and it resulted in her cutting corners when she shouldn't have done. Damned if you do, damned if you don't, really. But I still can't find her guilty. And there is NO way I'm believing Tom's alibi. That's not even an alibi! Come on, guys, the neighbour could have heard anything, there's no guarantee that he was even in his flat! My theory remains open and valid, and I'm still sticking to it.

And Gabe, like Jen, wants Tanith to let Jen off based on gut feeling rather than evidence. Ugh, it's so hard, and I really do feel for both Jen AND Gabe because surely she didn't do it? But Tanith HAS to do it! She has to. Or she's not doing her job properly. And what Gabe says about Jen's character ... yes. YES. This is exactly why I can't believe her guilt, only Gabe (or rather, you) says it far better than I could. He has some truly beautiful passages of speech.

I love that conversation between Tanith and Jen about Nick. They seriously needed to talk about it, and I love that Jen understands why Tanith had to do it. But she's clearly not spent enough time round Tanith if she thinks she's only "occasionally" hypocritical and "sometimes" narrow-minded! No, I'm being cruel. I love Tanith, and I really don't think her flaws are as bad as Jen makes them out to be. But kudos to Jen, for ... not necessarily being the BIGGER person, but for not holding a grudge, which would have been the easy thing to do.

And then Jen tells Tanith to do her job as she should, and asks to be released in nearly the same breath. When Tanith CAN'T do that. Frustrating - but oh Tanith, CHARGING her? Eh, the alibi's dodgy and she has to follow it up but does the alibi prove enough to CHARGE Jen? But I guess she doesn't have any other choice (except for following up Tom's non-alibi but hey). It's a sorry state of affairs, it really is.

Tobias suggesting Legilimency, BAD MOVE GREY. If there's one thing Tanith will object to, that will be it, given her torture by Legilimency last year. But other than that, he does a good job. He can always make her feel better, when he's not the one causing the problem. Happy T/T times!

Author's Response: At the beginning, Jen isn't so much trying to wrangle with personal feelings so much as is telling Tanith that she already HAS an alibi, so why are they going over this again? As is by now clear, Jen thought the alibi was fine. So she's dubious about being questioned about it. But yes, Tanith is backed into a corner here, and it's a little bit a corner of her own making because she CHOSE to believe Gabriel even when she suspected he was lying.

Tom's alibi is not very strong, nope. But it's enough for him to slip through the cracks for now when they have a far BIGGER incongruity in front of them (and, as will become apparent, limited resources while everyone's focused on the election). And alas, that's all Tom will provde to need.

I forget sometimes that Gabe really does get some of the more eloquent soliloquys of these stories. You'd always expect it to be Tobias, but I think it's 'cos Gabe keeps stuff pent-up, sometimes it just comes tumbling out.

Yeah, I had to go back and write in this conversation of Jen and Tanith. Originally this was a much worse scene where Jen wound up being difficult for the SAKE of being difficult, which on reflection was out of character for her. So that got ditched and I realised I'd NEVER written a confrontation on the Nick issue. So that scene was actually the very last I wrote in the entire story! Which is good, I do enjoy the Jen/Tanith conflict; two people on the same side with similar principles who just don't/can't get on. Jen respects her, and in normal circumstances DOES trust her, and maybe CAN grow to like her. But she's not blind to her flaws, or as indulgent as the men who've been around her since she was a petulant eleven year-old are ('cos let's face it, Tanith gets away with MURDER in how she behaves towards Toby, Cal, and Gabe sometimes).

Jen's logic is that Tanith needs to play this by the book. She's not so much asking her to cut corners as to either do it right, or don't do it at all. It's over the top of Tanith to charge her, but it's what Jen's pushing for because she reckons that she'll be safest if everything is done in the Bright Light of Day; deals in back alleyways are what she doesn't trust after it almost screwed over Lackardy for a crime he didn't commit. The system is not perfect yet, even if it's Jen's own system.

Yeahhh, I couldn't quite make as much of a point on the Legilimency issue as I'd have liked, so Tanith's knee-jerk reaction will have to stand. Either way, he's making her feel better, and for ONCE T/T are the thing standing strong and mature and sensible in a time of strife! Instead of exploding when they have no reason to. Thanks for reviewing!

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