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Review:CambAngst says:
Some were his suppliers, keeping him doped up and suggestible. The rest were an assortment of enablers just hoping to cash in before the well ran dry... - A really sad and recognizable situation if ever there was one. It happens to far too many people in more walks of life than just professional athletics.

You really started to fill in a lot of the important pieces in the first half of this chapter. I was also wondering why Krum was considering such a thing, although I had several suspicions. Brooks cuts straight to the chase. So Krum has no choice if he doesn't want to end up homeless. And he's unwilling to sell out to some sleazy tabloid. I have to say that I really like they way you've set him up here. No matter how desperate his situation has become, he still has that stubborn pride. He's uncompromising, unwilling to settle.

You think Im being cold, dont you? Talking about Krum this way? - Well, you said it, Peter. I didn't. But Peter is being very matter-of-fact about the whole situation. It sounds like he's been beating his head against this wall for a while. Like he's well beyond the typical point where any attorney with a goal of earning a comfortable living would have given up and walked away. Almost like he has another motive for trying to help his client...

Aaannndd, Peter's his son. Well, step-son. Ex-step-son. Regardless, that puts a different spin on things. The whole situation just got a lot more complicated if you ask me. If Brooks was just another attorney looking to pull Krum off of the scrap heap of history, dust him off and grab a piece of the action for himself, then he would be a lot easier to figure out. But the familial relationship adds another wrinkle to things that makes the story a lot less predictable. Slow clap...

There's yet another angle to this whole story that you haven't touched on yet. Maybe you will, maybe you won't. But the fact that Krum and Rose's mother have a certain romantic history definitely holds some interesting possibilities. I'll just file that one away in the back of my mind for the moment.

Peter's explanation of why he wants Rose is indeed rather offensive, but it makes perfect sense. Rose is no Rita Skeeter. She isn't threatening. She comes off as being young and impressionable and perhaps, at least to someone like Krum, easy to control. We shall see...

I wasn't sure what Rose would do about Peter's suggestion, but it seems that her parents have made her decision for her.

I did notice one typo -- the only one in the entire chapter, I believe -- so I'll point it out: "But is she went through with the meeting, spoke with Krum face-to-face," - should be "if" not "is"

I assume there's some back story to Hugo's pursuit of this American witch? Perhaps another of your stories or some other bit of head canon you've come across? Inquiring minds want to know. ;)

I loved your description of the Olde Friar's Pub. I spent about a decade living in Boston and Cambridge and this reminded me so much of a lot of bars I used to like/frequent. The Druid in Inman Square comes to mind, but that's neither here nor there. The point is, it felt like a very relaxed, comfortable sort of place... unless you happen to be an attractive, young woman out by yourself. In that case, I suppose it would be rather intimidating. Fortunately, Rose doesn't have to wait long before Krum finds her.

The way he greets her is very suggestive. I'm wondering whether maybe my thoughts about Krum's past relationship with her mother and friendship with her uncle might play into this after all.

Another very intriguing chapter! Lots of interesting things transpire, and the picture keeps getting fuller and more detailed. I get the feeling that big things are coming in the next chapter!

Author's Response: First off, thank you for such a lovely and detailed very, very favorite kind!

I'm really glad you're liking the way Krum is being set up here. Hopefully he'll come to show his good side, but stubborn and prideful are definitely qualities he'll display throughout the story. I didn't really want to make him totally down-and-out, but since he isn't after the fame, it was one of the few reasons I could see motivating him to agree to any of what follows, aside for growing to care for Rose.

I'll be total honest, the whole being his step-son thing was not something I planned in advance of writing this chapter. I wish it was, since I might have handled it a better bit, but it was an in-the-moment decision. It actually ends up playing a somewhat big role in the story, and while I still worry it's a little soap opera-ish, I like the added dimension it gives to Peter's character going forward. I am glad, though, that you bought his reasoning for wanting Rose on the project, even if he was less than tactful with the explanation. Between Heart's confidence in her and Peter's seeing her as a non-threat, I hope the reader can buy the idea that Rose would have been trusted with a book that might bring in a ton of money for everyone if done right.

I'd tell you that I love Boston and think it's a great city, but as a New Yorker (okay, I technically live in NJ, but it's practically the same thing), I'm obligated by law to never say anything nice about the city. I am glad the pub conjured up that vibe, though. I've never been to England, so I had to rely more on NEW England landmarks to round out the details.

You're right about Rose's family. All of them will end up playing a role in the story. The idea of Ron finding out his daughter is dating Krum was definitely one of the early mental images in my head when casting the story.

Thanks for this amazing review. I feel like this was really the last of the introduction chapters, so if you end up reading more, I'll be interested to see if feel the pace picks up going forward. Thanks again!

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