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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hey it's patronus_charm with your review!

I think the way you portrayed George as a father was very believable, as I can imagine him being the parent who spoils the children, and has a soft heart, as he's just so loveable and funny, so he's characterization is great! And haha Verity's still working at the shop:P

I'm interested to know why George and his family are so close to Percy's family, as in the books they didn't seem to be that close, as I would have imagined George to be closer to Ginny and Ron's families, as they just seem more similar! I guess that's in your Audrey Tang series which I still need to read! But, speaking of Ron and Ginny, are they are going to make an appearance at all, if they did that would be awesome, as when the Weasley family are all together it's so funny to read!

I liked that George seemed didn't seem to hate Malfoy too much in the flashback, if only he knew what he did to his daughter in the future though:O Also that thing about Perce getting confused as Fred, aww, I just wanted to cry, over how sad George seemed to be over that still!

It was funny to see that everyone knew Molly as well, as you never imagine the Weasley fame affecting them as well, but given their family, and how high up their Dad is, I guess you should really expect that!

I loved seeing Molly and Roxanne's reaction to prefects, of course Molly would love them, being the daughter of authority loving Percy, who was head boy himself, and Roxanne being the daughter of George who made fun of Percy for no end because of it, would regard becoming one, as something fit for nightmares!

Overall I thought it was a good chapter, which provided me with lots of laughs, and it was nice to see Perce being the nice brother again, I look forward to reading more, Kiana :D

Author's Response: Hey there doll!

Its always nice to see you back of course and you're always welcome to stop by. I think I patterned George as a father after Arthur, honestly. For some reason I got the feeling that he sort of spoiled the kids behind Molly's back and just based George off of that. And plus, he's just so...George, he doesn't like telling his kids "no" on anything and that makes him a major softie. Hahahha.
Yeah, Verity is still there! I hadn't mentioned her at all in the flashbacks because I hadn't really thought much about it but thought it'd be interesting to still see her there. Hahahha.
Why George and Percy are so close in this story does have something to do with my Audrey Tang series. But mostly, you can get the gist of that in "This is Angelina" too if you ever read that. I changed alot of things from canon and I wanted to do something different with the Weasley's relationships. George and Percy are so much closer than they were and I wanted to show that. Ron and Ginny make an appearance or so in this, at some point but I'm not sure when. They're not major players or anything! Sorry! D':
No, George isn't the sort of person to hate so easily. And plus, I made it a point of talking about his son versus his brother and the fact that Ben isn't Malfoy, you know? He can understand how Roxanne was feeling more than anyone else can.
But if he finds out what Ben did to her he might just lose his mind. My George sometimes isn't all there to begin with! I thought about making it a point about Perce vs. Uncle Fred because I'm sure someone in the family might have madea dumb comment or two.
Yep, the Weasley family is pretty famous but Molly is too shy for the limelight, its really not her thing.
Bwhaha, the girls really showed who their dads were in their reaction to Prefects didn't they? But its not going to be so easy for Roxanne thought. I have more things planned for her. :3
Perce might just turn into the overprotective brother in the next chapter. Its about to get intense on you! HAHAHA. I think? Yeah, maybe.
I dunno.
Anyhoo, thanks as always darling!
I'm going to re-request something else for you to read!
Much love,

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