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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:
I knew right away that I would love this. The feeling it creates is so warm and content - almost sleepy, but the imagery with ice and pale blues and shadow was cold - which is very much a wide-awake sort of feeling, and together it wove such an interesting mix of tone. I could see all of the Coming Home in this, but shifted so much to suit Harry and Ginny instead of Ron and Hermione. Their relationship was ingrained in your very word choice. I am endlessly impressed over and over.

Time for sap fest:

I think that out of everyone on this site, I am probably the most acquainted with your writing, and I can see the growth more clearly than anyone else could. It makes me so proud to see wonderful writing blossom into absolutely stellar writing. It's always been brilliant, but I get to see the variety of ways in which you shine by clicking around your author page and all the stories you've created; every single one of them, although different, are magnificent. That's the kind of statement you might appreciate more if it came from someone else, since by now you're used to seeing praise from me in all of my reviews, but I really hope that sinks in, because of how singular a truth it is. Do you know how hard it is to have over thirty stories on your page and have every single one of them be great?

And now I can vividly see Harry in the tent, gazing into the flames and thinking of Ginny, and Ginny and her friends taking up arms against the forces that be while she was in Hogwarts. (HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE GINNY. I MEAN, YOU EVEN WROTE HER WONDERFULLY HERE AND I BET YOU STILL DON'T LIKE HER.) I'd love to see more about Dumbledore's Army's stance in Hogwarts against Snape and the Carrows in DH. I'd love to see how Draco behaved, what classes were like, what the attitude of everyone was like under such a dangerous roof. The students that must have disappeared in the night, the punishments they must have endured at the hands of their professors, the information they must have been forced to dole out whenever asked... I wish I could read a really good story filling in that gap, and sadly I don't think I could find one, and it makes me wish you'd turn this into a novel. Because I'm selfish and if I could have it my way, you'd be balancing 20 WIPs so that I could read them, all the while yelling at you to stop writing so many WIPs. I am consistent. ~

Towards the end, I had to reread a couple of sentences because Ginny opened the window and the cold breeze came in, and then suddenly it's Harry feeling the cold breeze, and they fleshed together so perfectly that it tripped me up for a second that it was Harry! I didn't even notice the change from italics to normal. And then of course, their thoughts being along the same channel, and them seeming to speak to each other, to feel each other, across all that made me so sad but so...peaceful. That's the word I'm looking for. I had a half-smile on my face the whole time I was reading this, because the substance and style are so lovely, and the ending was perfect.

You are tops. ♥

Author's Response: Of COURSE the first review I have to respond to would be yours! ♥ You are currently not on Skype, and I am assuming that you are lost in the blissful throes of Community, which is a perfect excuse. Nevertheless, it's hard to respond to you when you're not at hand to complain to about it. :(

I am so, so glad you like this, and I think I'm more sincere when I say that to you than to anyone else, just because it MEANS something to me to have you enjoy a story of mine. I feel like part of me writes for you, just to see how you evaluate it; that's how much I value your opinion. I can't see my growth AT ALL because of my objective viewpoint, and knowing that you think I've grown as a writer in the nearly-three years (oh my gosh, how) you've known me is a tremendous, tremendous thing. I don't think I'd have had the courage to write an original novel, let alone seek out agents for it, if it hadn't been for you. I wouldn't have had the courage to finish a FAN FICTION novel. I will never not appreciate, or even appreciate less, any comments coming from you, no matter how many times you say things. You are the reason I am still writing, and I know I have said that before, but that is because it is absolutely, positively true.

(I STILL DO NOT LIKE GINNY, THAT IS FOR SURE.) And yet somehow... writing her here, when she's away from Harry, was very tolerable and almost enjoyable. I kind of write this story solely from the banner I found, but there was a peace to their being apart that was very refreshing from anything I've found described in canon. I wish there was a good novel out there about the missing seventh year; that's the kind of thing I think I'd be too intimidated to tackle. Plus I selfishly want to see YOU do it.

I was really kind of worried about the melding of their thoughts, because that was an organic thing in CH, but here I knew I wanted to do it /because/ of CH. And so your appreciation for it is, of course, absolutely amazing, and I cannot think anymore for all the things you've made me feel tonight. I should not respond to reviews so late, but that is how life goes.

You are never, ever, ever going to know how much your reviews mean to me. All the responses in the world will not be enough to express my thanks. I am truly so lucky to have you as such a great friend, and I hope that never ends. ♥

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