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Review:Jchrissy says:
Youíve described the feeling of a hangover much *too* well. I didnít even drink recently and all of the sudden I feel like squinting my eyes or putting on some dark glasses :P

This entire morning scene with the two of them was really sweet. Not only was it nice to watch Krum take care of someone else, instead of being the one getting the care, but I loved that they were sort of able to use a bit of dry humor about Krumís vast knowledge at treating a hangover. And! I got a bit feelsy when you described the photo of them in the paper. Krum smiling down at her.. ugh. Okay. Iíve made up my mind. Give these two a happy ending, please? PLEASE? Yes, Krum probably is too old. Yes, heís been through things Rose probably couldnít even dream of.. but sheís not a teenager tryign to defy her parents by dating an older boy. Sheís a grown woman who understands what she wants. So, if sheís okay with his past, if sheís okay with the fact that him being hr future may mean no marriage or children... I am to.

Although... what if she changes her mind someday? UGH. This is so hard. Iím not even Rose and Iím stressing over it all.

Oh Rose.. her response to Krumís Ďnot all of ití had me wanting to bang my head against a wall. I was really pleased that he decided to explain what he was talking about. I love how honestly they can admit their feelings to one another. Theyíre both scared, but they both realize it and ahh see now I want them to have a happily ever after again.

YOUíRE KIDDING ME, RIGHT? You arenít really going to leave it like that, are you?! Ohh Becky Iím going to remember this, and you just wait... James is going to be in the middle of a terrible attack and then a green light is going to flash and BOOM chapter over. And whenever that happens, Iím dedicating the chapter to you >:|

The entire last section I was fairly nervous because I know your style and this was definitely stretching details out more than you usually do, then when she didnít hear the click I was crossing my fingers that Krum was just going to be sitting there, but you wouldnít have made such a show about Krum already being there because it wouldnít be that odd.

I was really hoping I was over thinking it, but nope. Okay. I need to brainstorm.

The man in the suit is the same that Albus (or hugo, i forget) saw and they assumed it was a reported. Heís been to Krumís twice, meeting Rose one of those times. Well, both, but talking to her that second. And then he was the man in the very beginning questioning Krum.

So he has to be some sort of Law official, right? Which means whatever he wants to pay Krum back for is much more than an unpaid debt or something. He had to have had something to do with the overdose, and that didnít work. Krumís probably being more careful after that and this Suit man is probably irate that Krum seems to not only be getting off on probation, but that heíll actually stick with the terms. So heís down on his options and is deciding to use Rose.

Iím on the edge, missy. Nearly Over The Edge, really ;).

Iím reserving the right to hold my opinion on this chapter until I find out if Rose is going to be okay or not. Thatís fair, right? ;) ♥

Author's Response: Yay! I'm so glad you liked the little morning-after scene. I was aiming for something sweet to establish that the pair were all right after the little spat the night before, but without having a heavy conversation about their relationship. And I'm glad you liked the "not all of it" part too. I feel like they've been together long enough that they can talk about how they feel without it seeming all needy, but I also think they'd both prefer not to dwell on it too much since talking about their relationship in depth would force them to deal with a lot of hard truths.

I'm sorry about the cliffy. Feel free to return the favor anytime :P I'd feel worse about it if I hadn't already posted the next chapter, though that one is a cliffy too. I hope the explanation for what the man in the suit's motive is/was isn't too much of a letdown. And I'm glad the change in the style was noticeable at the end. I was trying to build a little suspense. Hopefully you could sort of feel that something was coming.

I'm glad your still routing for a happy ending. I am so, so looking forward to what you'll think about how it all works out and if you think it's happy enough. Gah, I can't believe we're almost at the end!!

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