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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hey it's patronus_charm with your review! Thank you for the fan kitten by the way, it was very much appreciated ;D

Hmm, Astoria's parents and their business are intriguing me more and more, I think it's great how you've been describing them so far, as it fits perfectly with the whole dark and mysterious setting of the Malfoys and pureblood society, so it was nice to see it linked together.

It was nice to see that Astoria's father did in fact like her, despite her and her brothers 'odd ball' views, as it's nice to see that even though they go against most pureblood views, and usually their parents would reject them, it's not the case this time around, which adds further to the mystery of them all. Also the fact he works with the order sometimes, I was seriously not expecting that, it was such a good twist.

And yay, Emily's still being nice, and it was funny to see them talking about whether Astoria was a good kisser, as it was a rather menial thing, which contrasted nicely, with the otherwise serious setting.

I can sense some competiton between Blaise and Draco, over who gets Astoria, I'm hoping that Blaise does, and he does seem rather nice, and caring when she fainted, whereas Draco just wants her so he can acheive his messed up fantasies, and you should never trust a Malfoy.

I'm hoping that you'll address the reason over why Astoria is a halfblood, and reveal who her mother is, as it's bothering me not knowing :P

I think it's great how you've been portraying rich, pureblood society, during the war, as you often don't see it, but it is interesting to read it, before they've all from their graces, and shunned by most of society due to their part in the war.

Overall I thought it was a good chapter, and there aren't any CC's, so yay! And I'm loving Astoria, and Blaise more and more, so double yay! Kiana :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Hey, there lovely! You are most welcome for the fat kitten, I bet its adorable.
So, welcome back to this story, I hope you enjoyed this as much as I liked writing it at the time. I hint and hint at what the business is with Astoria's family and it was really important to balance it and the pureblood society/War thing going on. All of it is very dark stuff.
There is some affection with Astoria's father and all of his children. Its a tad twisted at some point but with the way she views things, he considers it a phase she and her brother will get out of. You may not like her father further down the line but that's up to you to decide. I mean, the family business is very important to him. :p
Oh, yes, they do work with the Order on occasion, but not for the right reasons. >:D
Emily can be very nice! She's a doting older sister and treats Astoria like she's her baby or something so its nice to read/write. And it was funny that they were talking about kisses and such when the table setting was at its darkest and most unpleasant.
Bwhaha, that's not all that's going on with Blaise and Draco. Blaise truly despises him and Astoria, well, she interests him and yes, you had better hope he wins her over first. Otherwise, Draco might get his wish and do all those naughty things he wants to her. Poor, poor, her.
I didn't know that you hardly see pureblood society during the War! I thought that it would be something quite common but thanks so much! Its fun to write too, I love the idea of all these horrible people moving about as if they're not doing anything wrong. Its what happens to them later that really adds salt into the wounds, so that's why I put so much emphasis on everything being so sparkly and perfect now. It won't last forever! :D
Hahah. The mystery that is Astoria Greengrass only deepens but you'll get your answers eventually. With other things. :D
Thanks for coming to review! Please continue to enjoy Astoria and Blaise and look out for Draco when you turn a corner! ;)
Much love,

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