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Review:Aderyn says:

Look at me, reviewing just a day (or two) after you've updated!

First, i love the chapter image! It's definitely different from your other ones, but really cool and interesting. I love the image of Bea swinging her hair around, very surprised/action-y.

Sooo--I'm thinking this is going to be a running review. I love the description of the Portkey-- it's poetic and conveys travelling but yet feels instantaneous.

And all the feels! Scorpius is all "did you cry for me?" and tries to wipe her tears away and so does she and she is all "i thought you were dead." And then Bea is a gerbil. Because that is how anyone would react to all of that.

But then Bea kisses him and go her for taking that initiative. And it's funny to see Mr. Cool flounder. (though, I guess he just died or something. Speaking of that, he's surprising cool about being/seeming dead).

Oh and then there are the hormones. Bea and Scorpius might be able to fight off the baddies but they're no match for the mighty teenage hormones.

And the style that that scene is told in is really funny. Like it's not really the narrative voice of either one of them (well, maybe a few thoughts from Bea) but it's more like the narrator who makes comments about things selectively and maybe a bit randomly. Like the "conversations that need not repeating out of context" and Bea befriending the floor.

And the foreshadowing. Green carpet! So very Slytherin.

And all the flirting. "Don't call me darling." "what instead? Cupcake?" ...a surprisingly appropriate nickname. "Are we going to be like this now?" Scorpius when purposely flirting is trying to be all suggestive and flirty but just comes off as cute.

Ahh and so many more sad feels. I am all "I am sorry babies!" Like they act like they are old and capable (and they are mostly) but then there's this where Draco is dead and Scorpius gets beat up and Bea is crying.

Again with the lovely, funny narration. "But it was misleading, like calling the Head Auror a man with a head injury and no fashion sense. There were a few important details missing."

And then the escape which is quite the caper. The Malfoys are rich! I mean who has an underground river in their catacombs?

Bea's all grown up! I feel like her ability now to recognize the stakes and destroy her invention show that. It's a nice contrast, even though the two times that she has to destroy it aren't so very far apart.

Ooh, more magical transport cliff hangers. IN this case, perhaps somewhat more literally. So Scorpius apparates them (illegally) to somewhere off the ground. And they fall into water. And he is sort of unconscious. Well, at least I don't have to worry too much. I very much doubt that you would kill him and/or Bea after they just escaped :P

Well, this was a pretty fantastic chapter so well worth the wait. And I can't believe it's almost over! Also. Coming up with the Draco twist last minute makes it all the better I think. It's totally utterly shocking because you hadn't foreshadowed it at all. And, the "he's d-d" line works perfectly for Draco, it's also a bit shocking in retrospect because at this point no one's really thinking about Draco.

Anyhows. This review is really excessively long and full late night randomness. Hopefully it doesn't take you too long to sort out everything that I wrote here xD I always feel like I have to apologize because, really, I should edit my reviews. But I don't.

♥ Haley

Author's Response: AAaa Haley c:

I just lazied up a CI from my tumblr gifset xD I knew I wouldn't have time. Weird thing I noticed is that it's like twice as fast on Chrome than Firefox.

RUNNING REVIEWS are the best. The only kind I leave. Like running review responses.

IT'S CUTE AND LOVEY DOVEY WHILE BEA IS A GERBIL AND SCORPIUS FLOUNDERS. This is how I write fluff while people are dying and kidnapped. Ofc it would be at the end and in a pantry where they start making out.

Bahaha, that is mostly Bea's random thoughts making commentary. It was indeed stony.

THEY ARE REALLY JUST CUTE. I remember you thinking that I didn't intend Capers to be romancy and stuff, but the truth is I've been shipping everyone like crazy and I've been holding it all in until the very end :'D IT WAS VERY DIFFICULT.

Malfoys have /everything/. I was so happy when Julia gave me the snippets about them from Pottermore because they are actually really ridiculously rich and had a history of business WITH MUGGLES no less. Semi-canon is working for me!

Babies are all grown up ;-; time to kill them. kidding, kidding. probably. I've almost killed/actually killed enough people eh? I wish I had time to develop Draco a bit more. I would've "in the future" had I not well, killed him 8D Alas.

♥ Heee I feel like I reread the chapter by reading this review. Much much love.

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