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Review:The Misfit says:
Hello! I apologize yet again for how long it's taken me to get to this review!

I love how you've written Colin in this story; he's just so adorable, and so much more real than we see him to be in the books. I love how Dennis feels that his photographs capture an essence of their parents that is no longer present; it instantly adds depth to their story. In just a few paragraphs, your emotional descriptions of Mr and Mrs Creevey tell the reader so much more about them than physical descriptions alone would have. Quick typo: analogue is for clocks; I think you mean a film camera. ;)

I love the detail that you used to describe the Creeveys' summer holiday - the single suitcase because they didn't have enough money for another; the beach strewn with litter - you just describe everything so well, picking up on the smallest details. And the way that Colin made Dennis stay on the teeth-like rocks just so he could get the perfect shot was just so lovely, and so Colin - always wanting to capture the moment. I did catch a possible typo, btw: "Now with that old picture in my hand I can see and feel everything as they must have felt all those years ago" - shouldn't that be "I"? :S

I love how you included Doris - to anyone else she would just be a batty old woman living next door, but you made her real and using Colin and a couple of paragraphs, you turned her into someone with hopes and grief and humanity, and someone who affected Colin and Dennis' lives without even intending to. It was so sad to read that Doris knitted for her grandchildren while they were still alive, and then didn't know how to stop - you just made her so real, and used her to show how Colin saw that in her when everyone else didn't, which was so wonderful. ♥

And Dennis' voice was so distinct and so clear - I had this voice in my head belonging to a young Northern boy narrating the story as I read. The only thing that threw me off was your use of the word "suburb" - it's typically used in the south, but your descriptions of the Creeveys are of Northerners, so I'd suggest fixing that - but tbh, I'm probably just nitpicking, so you can ignore me if you like. XD

Your description of the Creeveys' viewpoint of Colin's first year was absolutely fantasic - Dennis' scepticism of everything that occurred at Hogwarts, and their lack of understanding of what being Petrified meant was done perfectly. You even managed to evoke fear when I read Colin's description of being Petrified... *shudders*. That boy is brave, because I don't think I could survive that kind of torture for as long as he did. And including his side-effects / PTSD was just genius and reminiscient of how amazing you are as an author.

"Sometimes it feels like I can only see and remember things in snapshots, in moments of acute clarity. In between these moments are slabs of encrypted time a scramble of people, voices, colours the details lost." < Those lines (in fact, that whole section) just resonated with me so much. You chose just the right words for Dennis, to describe it beautifully.

The section after Colin's death was so sad! You captured his parents' grief beautifully and realistically, and it was rather upsetting (in a good way) for Dennis to leave his family and not return to Hogwarts - I hope that he still wrote to his friends and saw them during summer. And the way he reacted when he returned home captured his grief perfectly; those people remind him of Colin, and he never minded until Colin was gone and those reminders became painful and I'll shut up now because I'm not making sense. (I have too many feels for this one-shot! ♥)

And that ending... ahhh. I wondered why you'd gone back in time, until I realized that this was it. Colin was always behind the camera, never in front of it, apart from that one moment. And it was so lovely to see that Dennis got a chance to understand Colin's passion, and for the ending to be of Colin smiling - because after so much grief, finally, there was hope. Your writing is too amazing.

Author's Response: Katie ♥

what an absolutely lovely and amazing review. I was floored by it when I first read it, and now after rereading it again to respond, gah! I'm still grinning as much as ever. You've just piled compliment after compliment on me. I think I've already said a lot about this fic in the newsletter and discussion thread. I'm so glad you love the details of the story; I think they're an essential part of it.

Ah, Dennis. HE WILL BE FINE I PROMISE ♥ I don't know so much about Colin's mum and dad, especially his mum (Colin's her favourite son, yes she has favourites :P), but Dennis is resilient. He'll be changed certainly, and he won't be as light and cheerful as he was in the books (and you can probably tell he's a lot less upbeat in this story) BUT HE WILL BE OK. And...poor Colin :( JKR really went on a killing spree in DH. If there are so many angsty fics full of grief out there it's because of JKR :P

Ah, thanks for pointing those typos out and all! And yeah, another reviewer pointed out the film/analogue camera thing. Bahaha! I obviously know zilch about photography :P And I changed the "suburb" bit to "neighbourhood". I hope this sounds a bit more North-ish. Thanks for telling me! "Suburb" really does sound strange and awkward in context with the rest of the narrative.

Ah, anyway, thank you sosososo much once again for your absolutely smashing review ♥ Have plenty of hearts! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And see you round in the forums!

teh ♥

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