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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hey Gabbie, I'm here with your review! Ooh I'm already excited as I can't wait to see how much our Draco's match up, and I didn't even read this before, so it's kinda weird that they do ;)

Ooh interesting family set-up, as Scorpius is Astoria's brother, is that where the name for the son comes from, or is he not making an appearance? I've never really read many any Astoria stories as it's Dramione all the way! But, I like how you portrayed her parents as they seem very different, to how they usually are.

I thought it was interesting that you spilt the sibilings stance on the war and muggles, as even through the brief description Astoria gave, you could tell that there was some obvious tension, currently pondering whether this will have a volcano like eruption or not? Anyhow I would have perhaps liked more of background as to why, Astoria and her brother's views were comparativly different to those expected of her, as it would be interesting, and more believable :)

Wow I knew that the Malfoy's were dark, but you've just upped this by a whole new level. I thought it as great when Astoria, walked into the room and told stories about what she witnessed.

Emily does seem rather different to her siblings, with meetings with Draco, I would love to know why they vary so much in the way they act, as you can clearly tell Astoria's clear loathing for him, whereas her sister doesn't seem to mind him that much.

I liked the Slytherin gang all being together, as I did wonder whether they all hang out together or not, and they do seem to be quite an erm interesting bunch. Also verging on the edge of extremely weird and sadistic, but they make very interesting reading, and I'm wondering whether any of them will have a different side or not.

You have a tendency to give muggles a capital M, I'm pretty sure they don't have one :)

I do like the concept of the game, even though it is slightly scaring me, about what some of the outcomes could end up like, I'm glad that Astoria ended up with the rather tame kiss, as I would be scared if I had to be bitten or nibbled by one of them!

Overall I thought it was great chapter, as I have about 3 essays to write by Friday, I can only review this chapter, but feel free to re-request! Kiana x

Author's Response: Hello!

Welcome back and thanks for stopping by and trying out this stort of Draco/Astoria! I hadn't really expected a review from you so quickly so this was nice! :3
I think our Draco's will match up a bit more than you might think. Its actually sort of weird.
Oh-ho, Scorpius is Astoria's brother in this story but I can't say whether or not that's where the son's name comes from. This doesn't fall directly in line with canon and from the way this story is going, you may not want her to be around Malfoy anyway. For her safety and his. :D
I've only read a handful of Astoria stories myself, they're not nearly as popular as Dramione and its a shame. There's so much room to grow with this character cause we know nothing about her! And her parents have a shadier, darker side so I'm glad that you were able to seem them as different for now. You'll hate them later.
I had to split the sibling's difference on the War, I thought that, in the sort of house they lived in that they should have SOME free thinking. Its very important that I made that distinction though and I hope you're able to pick up on it more later on. Scorpius himself has a Muggle girlfriend so that might be why he doesn't really support the War and plus, given what he does for a living he isn't too keen on someone going around murdering people. :D
I hope that you might be able to figure out the why's and everything later though, but I probably should have put in more detail about it. I hadn't thought of doing that before but I might just have to.
Bwha, I made the Malfoy's even more despicable than they were before so go me! I couldn't help it, I had this idea in my mind of them and just went with it. I'd never thought of them as particularly cozy either. :D
Astoria has been around Malfoy for a long time so she was bound to have some stories to tell and none of them were good. Hahaha.
Emily is really different from her siblings but, she doesn't exactly like Draco either. She likes going to the parties and the glamour ofit all, but she'll show her feelings for him later. Its not really nice. :D
You know, I'm pretty sure Draco had other friends beside Crabbe and Goyle and plus, their families have to get together on occasion. They're some of the last pureblood lines around and old money enjoys being around old money. :3
And yes, they are a rather uhm, interesting shade of people. Oh, the people in that room don't play a major role in this story except for one but you'll figure that out if you keep on reading! :D
Cause I'm a tease.
You know, I see Muggle with both a capitalized "m" and without one and I like the way it looks capitalized. I think JK always capitalized it but that's just me! :D
Why do people continually like the concept of that game? You all are naughty! ;) But while it seems like Astoria got the easy pick, its coming from someone she hates adn well, its not going to go so well for her. :3
And you probably would have passed out if you'd gotten nibble and Goyle had to find you. *Shudder*
Ooh, good luck on your essays and thanks for reading! :D I'll re-request whenever, I don't want you getting swamped!
Thanks again!
Much love,

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