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Review:Jchrissy says:
FINALLY. I thought I was going to explode if I didn’t get to read this chapter soon. I was so excited to read it last night, and then my NyQuil took over :(. You’re being a very, very good updater. You deserve huge cookies.

I love how neither of them seem incredibly excited to go to the wedding. Obviously Rose knows they need to, and Krum doesn’t seem like he’s being forced or anything, but they both seem like they’d rather be laying in bed together eating ice cream. Can you blame them, though?

I love that the reception is at the Burrow. It seems that Fleur and Bill started a tradition with getting married there. Though I have to say, having that many people and knowing the majority of them are family would be a bit…. stressful. Good thing Rose is a tough girl.

Ohhh and here is George to remind Rose just why she doesn’t absolutely delight in the idea of these family functions. Hahaha. Poor girl. Thank god for Angelina.

The encounter with Harry was actually really sweet. I’m sure a bit awkward, considering Harry is Rose’s uncle and once watched Hermione and Krum start and end a ‘thing’ and yeah. But at the same time we’ve never known Harry to be judgmental, and I think you make that very clear with that section. Their emotions, the actual pleasure at seeing an ‘old friend’ mixed with the complete awkward situation came through really, really well.

Oh God. My heart just broke when he automatically answered ‘no’ to the wanting to do the whole marriage thing again. Sure, Rose may say now that she isn’t sure, but she’s also still very young. You can’t make that kind of decision to never want a wedding and a marriage but but if she loves Krum enough she will and if he never changes his mind she’ll probably end up heart broken and gah. You are killing me. Then you just made me NOT want to hit Krum when he pulled her back and said that he can imagine her in a dress. WHY ARE YOU PUTTING ME THROUGH ALL THESE FEELS? WHAT HAVE I EVER DONE TO YOU??

It’s so sad that Krums life has gotten to this point where he’s decided two things that seem to make people so happy in life, marriage and children, just aren’t for him. FIX HIM, ROSE.

Fine. I love him again. This last section.. the way you had Rose just a bit on the belligerent side when Krum pulls away (she is Ron’s daughter, it makes sense for her to not really see reason in things even for a few seconds :P) but we get to see just how sweet and thoughtful he’s being.

I just. I don’t know what to do anymore. Sometimes I feel like Rose really does deserve someone better. Someone who can give her the entire life she wants, without all the dark shadows and the constant lurking skeletons. But then Krum does things like this, and I can’t see how anyone else could be more right for Rose. How any two people could be more perfect for each other.

You’re putting my emotions through rollers coasters. I’m so scared to see how this ends :(. You’ll be gentle with these two, won’t you??

You always mention that you don't think emotions are your strongest point, and I think you may be crazy. Everything these characters feel, even that soft current of 'something has to go wrong' that no one wants to admit, is always there. But it's so perfectly placed that it doesn't feel like your shoving their feelings down our throats. And you're making them so real. I'm going to be so sad when this is over :(.

Author's Response: Lol, at this point, I think I'm updating far faster than anyone actually wants to read the story. I'm attempting to crank out the remaining chapters before posting anymore. I started the last (LAST!!) one last night. Maybe I'll even finish today... Wow, that's a scary thought!

I'm so glad you liked the bit with Harry. I thought he, of all people, might 'get it,' or at the very least not see at his place to have an opinion on the matter. He knows what it's like to be scrutinized, and he does have a way with people... Anyway, I'm glad that came through a bit.

The scene where they're dancing was actually really fun to write. I think it's one of the more honest moments between the two of them. With her inhibitions lowered, she's more willing to push him for answers, and to respond in kind.

I was torn on the ending, afraid it was too much, but I thought Rose needed to make it clear she was back in this 100%, and I wanted Krum to be able to show he loves her without actually saying "I love you." In his own way, he was trying to say how much more important she was than any of the girls that came before, but he does it in a way where he's kind of yelling and being a jerk about it. I think I'm just as torn on them as you are. He really has a lot things wrong with him, but he loves her the best way he knows how. But is that enough...

Thank you a million times over for all your support on this. I think I'd have been tempted more than once to toss it all aside without you cheering me on. I'm going to be sad when it's over too, but I'm also getting super excited at the idea of starting something new. I've already started making notes on an OF, and I can totally say I'm not sure I'd have had the confidence to try my hand at it without all you encouragement on this story. Gah!! Now I'm having all the feels :(

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