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He was nearly more protective of Harry than James and Lily were, she thought idly, watching him stand as close to Hestia as he could manage, on the pretense of idle chatter.
- And just like that, I love Sirius more than ever. No matter what other irksome things he does, he's so adorable and genuine and honest to the point where you'd look at him and expect to see that he's transparent or something. There was a line someone said on 30 Rock that said 'Being a parent is like wearing your heart outside of your body', which is so true, and for some reason that reminds me of Sirius, too. Because he wears his heart everywhere. It's so incredibly unfair that he ended up having such a horrible life. I don't think I can ever forgive JKR for giving him the truly horrific existence that she did. Having a few happy memories of the better days in no way justifies the pain she gave him.

"When you have kids, Sirius" - I was just starting to get over my emotional Sirius feels and then you go and say that and remind us that he basically has no future. DO YOU DO THIS TO ME ON PURPOSE. FORGET SPARING LILY AND JAMES, I WANT YOU TO SPARE SIRIUS. As a personal favor. CAN YOU DO THAT PLEASE. (Please please please please please please please)

I just finished reading this chapter and now I don't even know where to begin, it feels.

You should have seen my face when Severus walked into the room. I had my hand over my mouth. And then he had to turn and look at her. And I should have known you'd do something like that because it's so heartbreaking and perfect and beautiful to have him stare haughtily at her group, not feeling one iota of anything except for dislike, while Beth silently endures a meltdown. She's far from getting over this. She still wears the bracelet, and she's going to have to continue to see him at meetings... And I was just like her in that I thought maybe that if he looked at her, he would feel /something/. Just a twinge, or some blurred memory, or the feeling that something very valuable had been taken from him. And I wonder if Severus left himself any clues...but of course he wouldn't do that. He was very invested in the plan.

I want to take those memories and force them down his throat so that they can be together. If Voldemort finds out about her she can just turn into a falcon and he can keep her as a pet.

This story. ♥ The emotions in it are like a roller-coaster. I love it even more than In The Black, which was previously my favorite story on the archive. But this one has evolved from that story, obviously, and now takes first place. Your stories are what will keep me clicking on HPFF, coming back to the archive every Sunday or every other Sunday or whatever you decide to do. I feel so privileged (here comes the sappy end-of-story gushing) to have you as a friend and so grateful that you shared this story with the world. No one updates as consistently as you do, making each chapter even better than the last. No one writes Sirius like you do. No one writes Severus like you do. No one writes James like you do. Simply put, you are the ultimate authority on the marauders and this will always, always, always be my marauders headcanon. JKR herself would not deny Beth being a member if she were to read these stories.

♥ Can't wait until February!!!

Author's Response: I /just/ got done extolling you and your love of Sirius and I am giggling to myself because of how spot-on I am. Ten points to Rachel. ♥ Not a single person in this world understands and appreciates Sirius like you do. People always write him as this dark, broody playboy and you never see it, because you see his true character, and that is what is so great about having you hear to comment on him here. You see things in him I didn't even intend to write, and his entire characterization basically came from you anyway, so that is unsurprising.

You know, I bet JKR's like me. She gave all the Marauders such unhappy existences and was probably pleased to do it. We are kindred spirits ~ I STILL OWE YOU FAVORS BUT I CANNOT PROMISE I CAN GRANT THE ONES YOU ASK. FORGIVE ME. ♥

Beth is fully never, ever going to get over Severus. Ever. And I don't want to say too much, ofc (but I think you already know what I'm concealing anyway), but even in BE when she has the option, she doesn't take it. Sev has affected her like in too prominent of a way, and in part that is being melodramatic... but in part it's also true. And even though it's risky, I'm almost 100% she never takes off the bracelet once. (Just went and checked, and nope. As far as the reader knows, she is still wearing it.)


I am honored beyond belief that this is your favorite story on the archives -- simply blown away. In all seriousness, how many people can say that their all-time favorite fan fiction author ranks one of their own stories so highly? I'm going to guess that number's pretty small. If you are privileged to have me as a friend, then I am doubly so, because you kick me in the butt to get me writing, and listen to /everything/ I have to say or whine about where this story is concerned, and just talk to me and treat me like a person worth listening to and write so beautifully yourself and I am so, so, so lucky to count you among my closest friends.

♥ ♥ ♥

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