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Awww yiss, if no one butts in before I get the chance to review the next chapter, that makes me the 200th reviewer! AND YOU KNOW HOW LONG I'VE BEEN WAITING TO BE THE REVIEWER ON A HUNDREDTH MARK.

P.S. It's me, I'm just not logged in.

Okay typing as I read this because I don't want to forget to mention anything. Stab in the feels there with mentioning the passage of time since Severus had his memories ROBBED FROM HIM. Okay he was a willing participant, but still. It made me lose hope that he would only have his memories gone for like an hour before everything was restored and...and now I'm starting to wonder things. Like... Hmm...

You have no idea how much anticipation I have to see Beth find out this is all because of Sirius's big mouth. Sirius leaking confidential information to Dumbledore made them think there was an actual spy, a real threat, and as much as I adore him I just really really want to see him get what's coming to him for that. I want to see Beth transfigure his head into a giraffe's butt or something. The fact that I have been looking for this to happen in every single chapter and it has STILL not happened; YOU HAVE NO IDEA THE LEVEL OF SJDKFJSKDFJ I AM FEELING. And I know Severus did it because he wants to protect her, but I just want to blame Sirius.

No. No. I am not ready for Harry to be born. Stuff him back up there. I am being perfectly serious. This puts James and Lily on the clock, and for the millionth time, please do not kill them. UGH. WHO AM I KIDDING. YOU HAVE PROBABLY BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO KILLING THEM OFF FOR MONTHS. YOU'LL WEAR A PARTY HAT WHILE YOU TYPE THEIR DEMISE.

-gross, hopeless sobbing in my corner-


He cared so much about you.

Oh my God.

I HAVE TEARS IN MY EYES. THE PAST TENSE WITH 'CARED' INSTEAD OF 'CARES'. It feels like he's dead and I feel a little bit empty inside right now. :'( He feels so lost. He feels like a stranger and I haven't even seen him yet since the procedure. I'm not sure I want to. I've been holding off on reading this because a little bit of me really does not want to see what he's like now when he's not in love with Beth. And to watch Beth cope...she seems so utterly alone now even when surrounded by friends...

I feel like the angry raincloud that sits over happy people and just rains on them. Sirius is dancing around because Harry's born and he's got a godson and all I can think about is that he will have so little time with Harry, and pretty soon he'll blink and Harry will be 13 years old, half terrified of him and half wanting to murder him.

"she if anyone could talk sense into him" UMM EXCUSE ME. Lily, you missed that boat. You have cold-shouldered him for years and you think you still have a whit of influence over him? You know what, I hope her labor was hard. I hope it hurt a LOT.

The question remains: Where exactly is Beth when Harry's older? His godfather's in prison, but what is Beth up to? YOU HAD BETTER NOT KILL HER. I WARN YOU.

-runs to the next chapter on swift wings-

Author's Response: YOU HAVE WAITED SO LONG TO REVIEW ON A HUNDREDTH MARK. (P.S. Thank you for identifying yourself, I was lost at first.)

No revelations on if Severus is going to get his memories back. -waggly eyebrows- Although you remember the snippet I showed you last night, and you may or may not pick up a clue from there. I'll never tell! I love your emotions with Sirius, because they are very love/hate and it is extremely amusing from this end. ♥ He genuinely thinks he is doing the right thing always, and he has what you call his wounded puppy look when he finds out he's wrong (when he almost invariably is) and you have made me love writing him more than I would have otherwise, just because you love him so much. AU scenario just for you: He and Sarah Wright ride Buckbeak into the sunset.

HE ISN'T DEAD YET, I SWEAR HE'S NOT. (Cackle.) And I know you've read the next chapter, too, but poor Beth in all aspects. :( In Sev's mind right now, nothing ever conflicted his love for Lily, which is why he thinks he turned spy in the first place -- to keep Lily safe. Canon, really, although things are /slightly/ more complex. Which you will seee!

/Crying/ with laughter at you wanting to shove Harry back up there, because first and foremost, OUCH. ♥ I will fully let you imagine that Lily's labor was nice and long and painful, because she rejected an epidural until it was too late and all those happy things.

~mum on what happens to Beth~ YOU ARE SERIOUSLY THE GREATEST. ♥ And this was a really, really sucky way of saying it, but gahhh. You and this story. You know this by now but you have fully made it what it is, and ITR would not be here without you.

Ponder that. :3

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