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Review:The Misfit says:
Seriously, just when I thought that I couldn't love Beth any more, she goes and sets James' book on fire! BAHAHAHAHA! :') And James' reaction to it was priceless - then Madam Pince coming around the corner! "“Destroying literature?” she hissed, snatching the book up off the table before James could grab it and stuff it out of sight." < I just had this picture in my mind of her giving James massively evil glares, as if he had just been kicking puppies or torturing small children! We don't see Pince very much in the books, but you include her really well here, and provide excellent amusement just like JKR did with all her glares and pursed lips - but I digress.

Aww at Beth and Sirius' conversation! Yet again, you blow me away with your talent - I've read so many fics where Sirius is unaffected by the Blacks after he runs away, but you show that they still have an influence on him, because a) they're his family and b) he was a part of them for fifteen years and while he might have had differing beliefs for some of that time, no-one could just throw away fifteen years with people they once loved. It just kind of reflects how Sirius and Beth can't stand what their family think, and they can't quite understand why their family think that - and I'm rambling, aren't I? (Sorry. I'm on my fifth cup of coffee and I'm still not back to human yet.)

I caught a typo, btw: "start having people arrested on suspicions of being" < suspicions doesn't need a third S. ;)

I loved Sirius' hot-headheadedness - it's so true to his personality, and I never say no to beating up Slytherins when they're like Avery. ;) McGonagall's reaction was priceless, although this line: “Enough, Black! And you, Avery – enough!” gave me the feeling that the stress was starting to get to her what with Dougal McGregor and Elphinstone Uruqhart occuring somewhere around that time, and worrying that her Muggle father and wandless mother might be victim to Death Eater attacks, and helping Dumbledore to run the Order... I don't know. I just got the impression that she was just... tired. If you know what I mean?

"“If anyone was provoked, it was Mr. Lupin, and I don’t see him sporting any sort of fighting injuries.” She looked up as though half-expecting such injuries to have blossomed in the time it took her to make the statement." < I can't describe how much I loved this bit, especially the latter part. Oh, if only one of them had thought to cast a charm that would make Remus look all bloodied. :P

This chapter was fantastic, and I think I'm going to go and edit one of my one-shots tonight so I can give you three more reviews. Cause, editing totally counts as writing a chapter, right? ;) ♥

Author's Response: It's so embarrassing -- I was thinking about the scene where Beth sets James's book on fire, and Madam Pince gets all snippy, and accidentally giggled out loud at my own scenario! :D I guess it's good to be amused by your own writing! But I miss ITB Beth in ways I didn't realize until reading your reviews on her earlier self; I'm really, really glad you were able to make me see that. It's given me a few fresher ideas to work on in writing the second half of BE.

I've read a lot of fic about brash, cocky, nothing-can-touch-me-Sirius, too, and that just doesn't seem realistic from the canon glimpses we get of him. He's humorous and fun-loving, but you can see (especially in OotP) his darker side, too. And there's a lot of similarity in that respect, between Sirius and Beth and their families; Beth has little bits of all her friends in her, I think, as well as Sev, which is one of the reasons I love writing her so much. ♥ Whew. Getting all sentimental over here!

I wrote this segment before the Pottermore stuff on McGonagall came out, so I think it's so neat that you tied it into that! :D I'm grinning like a fool over here, let me tell you. I think she is a bit tired there, which is something I did intentionally anyway; after all that time of reprimanding Sirius, one would probably be understandably tired, no?

Editing is totally chapter-writing, what are you talking about? Hee! Oh, Katie. I truly have no words for you to express how much these reviews sincerely mean to me. I'm just so, so glad you're enjoying ITB so much. Seriously. I can't wait for you to find out the rest of the story!!

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