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Review:FallenAmaranth says:
Hey again! This is a REAL LIFE BRITISH PERSON with your review ;) I'm sorry but that really made me chuckle when you said that :P

Girl! You making me quite attached to this now! This involves Oliver Wood and she works with Theo? Babes, I almost feel like it's my birthday ;) Eek!

I'm actually really interested to see how Edie manages to land herself with the chance to interview Oliver Wood, instead of Rose doing it - I assume that she would have done, considering she's the one with the Quidditch piece assignment.

I love the new characters you've introduced, Mr Ward, Theo(e!), Rose and Mildred. They each have very different background and personalities, and most importantly, they're all so very real.

Theo, being the only Canon character, is as much in character as he could get, considering he totally did not get enough love in the books. I guess you could say JK left him out enough that there is a little mystery surrounding him, and with his [sexy] soft voice, he could totally still be mysterious. And gorgeous, obviously. He doesn't seem horrible or angry about anything, as one may expect from an ex-Slytherin whose father supported Voldemort, but of course, we had no idea if Theo did or not(Nott, hehe) or that he was into Photography!

Mildred is, I have to say, the perfect name for such a character. I love her! In that sort of hateful, aggravating way. I bet she just hates Edie because she's awesome and has a life, and she's probably pining for her seventeen cats who weren't allowed in the building. Or something. Like that... ;)

I have to say, I've definitely met a Rose. Which is why this is so realistic, because I can relate with your characters. I have a feeling that Rose is one of those people who are nice enough to like, but should only be taken in small doses. However, I don't think she's one of those "dumb" girls that just care about guys and the way they look, I feel like she's attached to guys(obviously, because you mentioned it) and quite pretty naturally, but she's not stupid, apart from the fact she can't realise where she's going wrong with the blokes, but she seems alright. In small doses ;)

Mr Ward is a bit of a meanie, telling her to man the refreshments, of all things! It's quite funny though, how he's praising Edie for being so amazing at all the difficult-and-meaningful-sounding assignments, I mean, all those cuppa's must have taken some skill to make :P OOH! I thought of a britishism! Other than 'cuppa' in terms of a cup of tea, we also say 'brew' instead, but this could be a tea or a coffee.

Also, since Edie appears to do it a lot, if someone's been out on a bender(I think this word is universal) - basically a heavy drinking session - we also say that they're out on the piss(AKA, out getting pissed/wasted) For Seamus, if he's wanting to go out to pick up some girl, you could say he was 'going out on the pull' and if he managed to get off(or more) with someone, he would have pulled. :D I have absolutely no idea if that's British or American, some slang is heavily influenced by TV and Film. :P Although, I think pubs are more of a British thing - I only ever see bars and clubs in US TV/Film - what some people like to do is a 'Pub Crawl' where you basically start at Pub#1 and have some drinks, and then move on to Pub#2 and then Pub#3 etc. I'm not sure but I think the idea is that by the time you get to Pub#17 you're probably crawling and have significantly lighter pockets. :P Also, this is probs universally used as well, but in pubs people generally 'get the rounds in' where one person gets a round of drinks - basically buys a drink for each member of the party, and, once these have been drunk, it'll be the next person's 'round'.

Something that is very northern, if any of your characters of from the north of England, typically Yorkshire area, is 'Owt' and 'Nowt'. Owt mean 'anything', so someone could say, "Are you doin' owt?" Meaning, "Are you doin' anything" and 'Nowt' means 'Nothing', so if someone did say, "what are you up to?" the reply could be simply, "Nowt."

Just to let you know, this has been added to my favourites, I love it!

- EM


I love minor, overlooked characters! Rose Zeller is actually canon too, and is so minor that I only "remembered" her because I looked at a list of neglected canon characters. I was gonna use Demelza Robins but changed my mind because Iforgotwhy. But yes! Theo! Photography just seemed to make sense to me because I imagine him always studying and examining everything and everyone at Hogwarts, remembering things, but never actually getting involved. Like he was looking at the world through a camera lens *cliche, right?*

I think you are spot-on with Rose. She is definitely intelligent and driven, otherwise how would she have landed a job at a magazine so young? But she has her insecurities which she manifests by becoming boy-obsessed.

Ooh the slangs. I am glad you listed off all of the terms for getting drunk without even batting an eyelash xD Sometimes I think people think Edie is a bad person because she likes to go out and have fun. But now I know how to say it in, like, fifty different ways! (Also I feel like British slang, particularly that of Northern England, is generally way cooler than American slang.)

Thank you again so so so much! And I am excited you added it to your favorites!!!

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