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Review:The Misfit says:
Suspense! Action! Sirius! < I love your Author's Notes, I really do! :P (But I love your chapters more!)

I suddenly got very worried about Snabeth when I read the beginning of your chapter, but became immensely happy upon reading this line: "But despite all of that, Beth couldn’t allow herself to think about him less." *breathes sigh of relief* ♥

I loved that conversation with Sirius, too! He's finally realized that adult life is vastly different from his current life - I'm guessing that he's going to grow up somewhat in In The Red and Breaking Even, but I still want to hug him. You always make me want to hug your characters and I just wish I could! D:

Remus is another character I just want to hug, seriously! He obviously feels so badly about possibly seriously injuring Beth while transformed, and he's scared, but that's just so double-standardy of James to agree with him! I mean, if it had been James or Sirius or Peter who had been given a non-serious scratch that looks worse than it is, would they have been insisting that the injured boy no longer help Remus out? How do you make stupid teenage boys so realistic?!

I loved loved loved that moment with Severus, because despite its briefness, it had so many lovely Snabeth feels. ♥ “I wouldn’t want it to be serious.” < Severus has feelings for Beth and just admitted it! (In a very indirect way of course, and I'm probably overanalyzing, but I just love the two of them together. ♥) (Have you noticed I tend to use hearts when talking about Snabeth? o.O)

I'm a little off at why Madam Pomfrey would let Beth go with healing her cut, though. Surely she would at least have tried to heal her?

We also finally start to see the effects of the war! Beth is completely right when she says that despite their youth, the students are aware of the war and how dangerous it is. D: That was a nice touch btw, setting up a way for Arthur Weasley to get promoted! XD

I apologize if this review didn't make sense; I'm currently caffeine-deprived and just about to go out in minus 8 degress Centigrade to get coffee. I'll do the next review after a cup (or ten) of coffee, but I just want you to know that I love this chapter, as always! ♥

Author's Response: I don't think you and Sneth should have too much to worry about! After all, a trilogy indicates there should be much more in store for them. :P Although I'm pleased to know you're so concerned! And you're very right about Sirius in ITR and BE, too; he really does come into his own, although he never entirely loses his sense of fun (it gets severely quashed in Azkaban, in my head, but that's information for another time!). I will pass on the hugs to all of them!

Ugh. The boys wanting Beth to go to Madam Pomfrey is SUCH a double standard, right? Which is one of the reasons why she gets so annoyed herself! But then that gives her time with Severus, which, in my extremely biased opinion, is always a welcome thing. ♥ As for whether you're overanalyzing... no comment. :3

Ah, you got the bit about Arthur Weasley! I was quite proud of that little canon tie-in, which is probably a bit silly of me. I always get a bit frustrated when other people writing Marauders stories don't include things about the war. I know there are things I don't include in stories of mine, and mistakes are made... I don't know where I'm going with this. :P But the war is such a big part of this time in the wizarding world, and Hogwarts isn't some oasis, away from it all. It's very real to the students, just like it was real to the students in the same way in Harry's day.

Your reviews always make sense! ♥ And are so lovely, too. Thank you so much for this review!!

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