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Review:The Misfit says:
Confession: I read this chapter straight after I finished my last review on ITB, and I got attacked by so many feels that it took days to recover. :')

I just had that eerie feeling about Beth being so worried about hers and Peter's small sizes that something bad was going to happen, and oh, I was literally on tenterhooks reading this, just desperate to know what was going to happen next and whether they would be okay.

I have to admit that that idea of Beth's (although technically yours) to lure Remus into the Shack by providing tempting prey was partly genius and partly insane - it's so realistic, and the kind of spur-on-the-moment idea you get when you're panicking and need a plan - any plan, and Beth's actions really reflected her feelings.

BUT I DON'T LIKE THAT SHE GOT HURT! I know, I know - it's all to keep the plot moving, and it resulted in those lovely Snabeth feels that I'll talk about in a minute - but seriously, I was addicted to the screen and I didn't even notice the cat knocking over my cup of coffee; it was just one of the most intense, action-packed moments ever. I couldn't believe it was only one third of the chapter; those werewolf scenes had feels worthy enough for an entire chapter. :3

Quick question: "It swung toward the frame, and she had one final glimpse of him lunging for her before it clicked, locking magically as they’d charmed it to do for such an occasion." < Wouldn't Dumbledore have been the one to cast that spell, considering that the Marauders were only Animagi since 5th year - I'm sure he wouldn't want the risk of Remus escaping, or of him attacking Pomfrey back in his earlier schooldays, when she escorted him to the Shack? :3

I said in my last review that I missed Severus, didn't I? How lovely that he appears in this chapter, then! XD And yes, these Snabeth scenes caused that major attack of feels! I was literally bouncing in my seat, going "Oooh! Severus knows peregrine falcon noises!". :P

I loved that Thestral moment! It was just so cute to have Beth being able to do/see something that Severus couldn't; it really reinforces the differences between Beth and Lily and how the Snabeth relationship is more equal as opposed to Snape/Lily.

Ermagherd, and he heals her. Her focus on his hands is just asdfghjkl... “I don’t think so. James said that he read somewhere that time I couldn’t do it, that was probably due to an extreme emotional reaction.” THE FEELS> THE FEELS. And Severus liked hearing that! *squees into oblivion* I mean, seriously, Beth and her awkward moments are just so relatable! The most embarrassing moment of my life involved my incapability to shut up, so yeah. I know I've said this before, but Beth is just like an extension of me, and probably 99% of the human population. Oh - "And as soon as the words had escaped her lips, Beth wished they were physical, still hanging in the air, so she could quickly grab them and stuff them back into her mouth." < that quote was just brilliant! You describe her feelings so well. :3

Again, I love your characterization of Severus. That moment when he told Beth that he needed to know how to heal wounds... I know you probably intended for it to mean he needed to know the counter-curse to Sectumsempra, but it just made me think of a younger Severus in his bedroom, covering up and/or healing his wounds so that Lily wouldn't notice, and I really just wanted to hug him so badly. (Even though he'd probably curse me if I tried.) :3 I love how you wrote him to tell Beth that he wouldn't use Sectumsempra against anyone who didn't truly deserve it - it was so much more believable and truer to his character than if you had made him say he'd never use it on real people.

I love how Snabeth were in their own little world while they were talking, and Peter was just... forgotten. :P Poor third wheel! I wonder if he'll report back their conversation to the other Marauders? We know he's hardly trustworthy, after all.

AND YOUR ENDING. "He grinned into his pillow, unable to help it. He could tell she hadn’t quite meant to let that slip. But the fact that it had made him strangely happy." EEE-EEE-EEE-EEP!! (Sorry about the dashes - the archive cuts short any letter typed more than three times in a row.) I just loved that ending... things are really looking up for Severus and Beth, and finally! They need to get together already! ♥

Another wonderful, amazing and super-fantastic chapter as always! XD

PS: I'll give you the other two reviews tonight - it's half past five in the morning here!

PPS: It's actually Catherine with a C. ;)

Author's Response: Fair warning again -- for some reason I'm dead tired tonight, and still haven't set out to tackle writing of my own. I apologize heartily in advance for less than satisfactory review responses!

This is one of my very, very favorite chapters in this story (I can't pick, of course), and I'm so glad that you enjoyed it too! It seemed to be as suspenseful on your end as I hoped it would be on mine, and that's really all I can ask for. I don't know where the idea came from, but I just... I had /so/ much fun writing this chapter, and that's something I can clearly remember over a year after writing it. And I'm doubly grateful to you, I feel you should know -- I'm working on an OF right now that will involve werewolves, and knowing that someone things I can write a scene involving them is so, so encouraging to that end. ♥

Severus reappears! As I mentioned he would -- obviously I could never keep him away for too long, could I? I myself would miss him too much. This is also probably the shippiest chapter in the story thus far, which may account for why I liked it so much. Pay attention to the thestral, though; that does crop back up again in ITR. I did plan a few things in advance!

True story: The focusing on Severus's hands is entirely, fully, 100% me. I am such a sucker for guys with large, thin hands, and I don't even know where that comes from. It's such a weird thing to be attracted to! A lot of Beth does come from me, and I realize that more and more as new people read the story: Her awkwardness, her occasional shyness, her fixation on hands, her dislike of spiral staircases. I wrote more of myself into her than I consciously meant to, which isn't a bad thing. And it's probably why I'm so attached to her story now!

Severus. ♥ I just... there is a very good reason I wrote three novels centered around him, and it's because I love his character SO much. And giving him a love interest... it was a challenge, some people probably think it's not even plausible, but I wanted him to be happy. And now I'm having all these feels because I have only one half of a book left to write of this story, and I am getting SO off topic! -melts into a puddle of goo-

Your reviews. My responses to them don't even BEGIN to cover how wonderful they are. Truly! Thank you so, so, so much for leaving them for me. :3 ♥

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