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Review:Alopex says:
Wow! Amazing chapter! This is the first time we've heard from Sirius, if I'm not mistaken. I really enjoyed that. As with James, Sirius is a character I usually don't greatly care for in fanfiction (let's face it: I usually only care for Remus, and not always). However, this was an interesting portrayal.

First of all, I liked to see that he was experiencing some consequences from his horrible, misguided prank. He's a bit alienated from his friends right now and feeling sorry for himself, and that seemed realistic. Also, sneaking about with mice in his pocket to set loose in the girls' bathroom . . . immature prank, which is typical but you didn't belabor it.

At the same time, it is obvious that he's trying to grow up a bit, despite his immaturity. Yeah, I'm sure Dumbledore just got "lost" and all. :P That seemed like the perfect Dumbledorish encounter, though! I was impressed by the scene and interaction between him and Sirius. Also, it served to advance the plot in the outside world. I'm glad that you are keeping sight of the bigger picture. Sometimes it is so easy to forget what is happening outside the walls of Hogwarts and focus only on the little details of the characters' lives.

I'm working a bit backward here, but I just wanted to talk about the Sirius POV section first. I also enjoyed the Snape POV section. I can't resist pointing out that he was involved in a near-collision for the second time in this story so far. :P However, the conversation he had with Lily was really interesting.

I remarked on the previous chapter that I liked Lily trying to warn Beth, and this seemed like a logical progression. I think the scene showed that Lily still has some positive feelings/memories toward Severus, even though she doesn't have illusions about him anymore, really. She's leaving the door open for him to do the "right thing," I guess.

I'm now starting to ramble around without really knowing what I'm saying anymore. At any rate, I found this to be an excellent chapter, definitely one of the best so far.

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you enjoyed this! And yes, this is the first time that we see at least part of a chapter from Sirius's perspective. It's not the last, either; he ended up being a rather integral part of this story, more than I think I expected!

I thought it was important to show the sort of realism of the prank-pulling. When you think about it, you would be really pretty mad if one of your friends did the same thing, and so often in fan fiction things like this are blown over. I don't quite know where the idea for mice came from, of course. :P But he does want to be taken seriously, despite the fact that he has a penchant for the immature, and I think Dumbledore can see that in him. For all the times J.K. Rowling mentioned his eyes as being like x-rays, I figure he must have been able to see straight to the heart of people, and especially people like Sirius, who truly do wear their hearts on their sleeves.

And speaking of Dumbledore, it is absolutely fantastic that you thought that scene was, well, Dumbledore-ish! He is a bit tricky to write sometimes -- he has such a distinctive voice -- and reviews like yours make me think I'm getting it right. :)

I mentioned this, I think, in a response to another review on this chapter, but regarding Lily, I almost think that at this point she would have been jealous of Snape turning his attentions to someone else. You know? She's a smart girl; she couldn't have been totally oblivious to the fact that Severus paid some attention to her. If he was moving onto Beth, it really might make her feel... I don't know the word for it. Insecure? Envious? I hope I'm making sense.

I'm seriously so happy you enjoyed this chapter, Alo! Thank you, as always, for such wonderful reviews. ♥ I'm grateful for them!!

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