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Review:FredWeasleyIsMyKing says:
Hello - tagging you in the review thread although I wanted to come and read this story anyway.

Jeez I don't even know where to start with this. You had me filling up so many times and I ended up tearing pretty bad in the end. The chapter summary is pretty much how I feel so I knew it was going to be tough for me from the start!

As a whole I loved how you played out the story, changing the POV and each time moving on a little further in time. It allowed you to give us little glimpses of how each of the Weasleys were dealing and also the new things that were happening in their lives. You also showed so many different ways of grieving and the different stages people go through whilst keeping very canon with all the different perspectives you showed. Honestly, I'm just in awe of you!

Bill's was really interesting to read and I thought it was so good that you got in about him curse-breaking at Hogwarts. I'd never considered that before but as soon as you mentioned it I knew that that must have happened. The little details like that you have added in really just add to the depth and make this story. My heart went out to him wanting Fred to blame him for his death as he was the eldest and he wanted to take on the responsibility. I really related to this as I'm the eldest - I mean nothing quite this sad has happened (thank goodness) but I still really felt his guilt, you made it real.

Charlie's was also really great to read as he isn't someone we get to hear a lot about. I liked the anger you showed in him as he'd not done what he'd promised Fred and now it was too late. From what we do know about Charlie this seemed like the perfect reaction from him. I liked the added detail of him being with Tonks too - I thought it was a nice touch.

Poor Percy. Similar to Bill, my heart went out to him so much, which is saying something as I don't really like him as a character. I think you got his reaction spot on and he would definitelty spend the first few months at least blaming himself for Fred's death. the part where he feels he can't leave him though in case Fred thinks he's abandoned him again - yeah it brought a lump to my throat! You brought Audrey in though so we can all sigh in relief to know that he's getting the help he needs. I'm glad you gave him that.

In George's section, I think the best part was when you mentioned he didn't say anything as Fred would know what he was thinking anyway! That was perfect and right and you couldn't have said it any better. He has his family helping him out and you've brought Angelina in and we all know where it goes from there!

I think Ron's was one of my favourite sections as it was so light hearted, starting with him being ever tactful and upsetting Hermione. A tear went down my cheek too as he said he didn't want to leave George yet, even though he has an amazing position as an Auror just as he wanted. It's so selfless of him and I loved it.

In Ginny's part I'm really glad you didn't just have her okay with Harry. I think the blaming of Harry and wishing he'd never been apart of their family would be completely natural. And don't get me wrong, I love Harry but if had gone on and on with the self-loathing rants I would have totally snapped too and the Ginny in the books can be fiery so it was right.

Oh the last part of Harry section. I just loved it. I like to think that all the Weasleys/Potters would tell their kids how great their Uncle Fred was. But when Harry said the worst part was not being able to save Fred - yeah it got to me. I liked how nervous he was though about being a father and how one of his main concerns was for Teddy - again, amazing characterisation!

I loved how you got Mollys motherly nature to shine through when she was talking about her grandchildren. You gave them so much personality in such few lines it was really incredible to read. I particularly liked the reference to Fred junior as I may be a little biased. Again with the little details - Molly is still surprised by Fleur in a good way and Ron still 'hates' Crookshanks.

As always I don't really have any CC as I thought the characterisation and the way you wrote the whole thing was just perfect. I did notice too little typos though so I thought I could point them out so I'm not being completely rubbish! In Ginny's part you have 'I was so mad everyone' I think you might need an 'at' in there and in Molly and Arthurs part I think you put 'potion' instead of 'portion'. Only tiny tiny things.

So an amazing one-shot here, I absolutely loved it! Sorry for leaving another gigantic essay for you to read though!

Lauren :)

Author's Response: Hi darling! I'm so sorry the response has taken so long. I actually thought i'd already responded, but i must've forgot to hit the submit button :P

Bill and Charlie are the only two Weasleys I actually feel comfortable writing. It was nice that they're both the oldest so I could start in my comfort zone before I was sort of ripped out of it :P. I'm so happy you felt like you could relate to Bill with the same kind of sense of responsibility that being the oldest comes with. I'm the baby of the family, but my sisters are so protective that it wasn't too hard to imagine what being the oldest would be like.

Hehe I couldn't resist bringing Angelina an Audrey into this :P. I worried that people wouldn't understand why George wasn't talking, so I'm really happy you felt like it fit ♥

Ron's was your favorite section?! Really? Ahh that's such a relief to hear! He was SO hard for me to write. I just... the combination of Ron-ness but still wanting to show his feelings really gave me trouble. Ah I'm so happy he felt right ♥

The Molly Arthur section ended up being really fun to write. I had to go through and make a timeline to get all the next gen people in order, and it made me realize how hard writing Next gen would be! There's so many of them!

I really wanted to end on a sort of positive note, and that M/A section seemed like the best way to :)

Thank you for pointing out the typos! I'll go though and edit them right now :)!!

This review was so awesome, thank you so much for stopping by and never, ever apologize for a long review! I love them. Sorry again how long it has taken me to respond ♥

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