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Review:Roots in Water says:
It's Roots in Water here with your review! It turns out that I actually haven't read chapter four yet, so I hope you don't mind that I decided to review it! :)

This was a very interesting chapter, once again showing a great understanding of the Wolf's character. Though the Wolf's perspective occupied the majority of the chapter, it suited the purpose of the chapter (at least for me). Remus, the human, would have been able to understand the situation, though not the motives behind it, immediately. The Wolf, however, can only understand that his Pack is no longer with him, has been permanently separated from him.

The emotion, the sorrow, he showed was very well done- it definitely made me think of an animal mourning its family. It was interesting that he thought of it as a mission- I wonder why the Wolf's mind thought of the mourning as a "task" to be completed. Well, animals are pretty practical...

I don't know if I've ever commented on this before, but I think that you made a good choice when you decided to write the Wolf's sections in third person. Writing from inside the mind of an animal (a werewolf, in particular) would not only be strange but also be hard to pull of realistically and believably. And a werewolf should have that detached sense, since it is a proud, occasionally violent and definitely loyal creature.

As well, I liked the reference to Peter Pettigrew, the little rat. It's interesting that he would still be in Godric's Hollow, though perhaps Wolf's reasoning that it's just a scent that rubbed off on an ordinary rat... However, I did find it a little odd that the Wolf was able to reason like that. Everything else about him seems so... not primitive, exactly, but not exactly capable of making logical deductions. But I'm not a werewolf expert by any means. :P

As well, I did spot one small thing: with the phrase "knew the Potters had argued about" I believe that there should be a comma after "Potters".

I liked Remus' section of the chapter as well, especially since it gave us a glimpse into the cracks in the Marauders' friendship and the guilt that followed. It was nice to see an explanation as to why Remus didn't go and visit Sirius, and it was one that I definitely could understand.

All in all, I think that you did a great job with this chapter! I look forward to what will come in chapter five. If I can hazard a guess, I imagine that it will be a small reunion between the Wolf and his pack during a certain Gryffindor's third year. ;) Thanks for requesting and I hope that my comments are helpful!

Author's Response: Hey Roots! :D

Yeah, I realized a bit too late that I had requested for the wrong chapter! I figured you would know though instead of adding one pointless post in your review thread. XD

Wolf has become, in a way, an OC. He's Remus, yes, but for me, he acts and thinks very different. Thanks to him becoming his own persona, it has becoming a lot easier to write Wolf's parts now than it was back when I posted this. Like you said, seeing Remus mourning for the loss of his friends and the betrayal has been done plenty of times. That's why I chose for Wolf to occupy most of the chapter and do the mourning. All he understands is that his pack is gone and that he's a loner. Remus's beliefs that Sirius did it bled into Wolf's consciousness and therefore he too thinks that the Dog did it.

This chapter is indeed full of emotions! I had to sit down with pictures of sleepy, snowie villages and Enya music to get the feel of the place and chapter. Wolf wanted to pay his respects to the graves of the Stag and his mate. He saw it as his duty as the Alpha of his long gone pack; he felt he needed to do it for that and because they were like his family.

Writing in first person from Wolf's POV sounds like a nightmare I don't want to get into. Hahaha. Its far easier to just do it in 3rd.

It actually IS Peter! The way I see it, at first Peter had no idea of what to do. Don't think he actually immediately wondered into the Weasley house-hold. He lingered where he thought Voldemort could still be, in hopes that his master was still around. He spotted Remus and immediately went into panic mode. Remus is still conscious enough inside Wolf so if Peter had been caught by Wolf, Remus would've figured out what had happened. I wanted to give this story a lot of 'what ifs' and the many outcomes that Harry would've had.

I'll definitely look into that sentence and add the comma.

I always wondered why Remus didn't try and get the 'why' behind Sirius. It would've solved a lot of things! But yeah...I tried to make it as believable and understanding as to why he chose to not go and seek out the answers he had for many years.

You're absolutely right! The next chapter does take place in those certain Gryffindor's third year. XD Fast forwarding quite a bit!

Thank you so much for your kind review, Roots! :D I really appreciate it!

Until next time


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