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Review:LovlyRita says:
Alright! I am here and I am ready and let's do this!!! :D

Wait, what? Someone killed James' owl? Wait, WHAT? Did that happen in the last chapter? *goes to check* LOL Whoops. I totally forgot about that. *ahem* ignore me.

Ok, I'm loving this strong Remus you have here. He is by far my favorite marauder, I adore him, and I like to see him get a little angry here. Of course he has every right to feel like he does, but he's so hot when he's mad, isn't he? isn't he? Well he is in my mind :P

Ugh you had to interrupt this cute little Jily thing happening here with some talk about that Alrek? I don't like him, he's like gross, why you gotsta ruin the moment with him? Going back to the whole Jily thing, I love their little exchange whenever they first see each other. It kind of makes me want to google what a...t word is, 'cause I don't actually know what that means. It's like that with a lot of british swears, as it should turn out. And speaking of which, I love that swears that can be pretty bad in the UK are basically harmless here. It's so fabulous. Except I can't mention any of them because I have to stay 12+. Sad panda.

Anyway, back on track. Oh James' owl isn't gonna die. I thought he was already dead. Ok, clearly I need to focus on the details here. Well, in any case, yay for alive owl.

Ok so I want to talk a little bit about a description that you used that really caught my eye. Specifically, Olivia's Arthritis, and how the pain could "seep" through even after she had used potions to shut it up. That was brilliant, and it's of course so totally true. I just kind of liked the thought of it, like that the pain was muted but still there. It was great! well done!

I love how McGonagall keeps emphasizing how much homework they have. "Yeah, ya crazy kids, keep ya hands off eachotha before ya end up on Teen Mom." She said it just like that too, in my head.

Oh Petunia, she really knows how to bridge a long absence with heartfelt sincerity doesn't she? She's getting married in Wales? That's fun :P LOL don't wear anything that clashes with your hair. Oh she is JUST a ball of sunshine. I guess Lily's wearing orange then, amirite?!

Ooooh they kissed oh la la! Jily feels all around! *ignores Jily feels.*

Ok so now I'm at the end of the chapter. Again, I have to commend you for writing a brilliantly realistic and plausible James/Lily story without a lot of the typical stereotypes. You've made your characters likeable and unlikeable, but like I've said again and again, most strikingly, you have made them real. And the fact that you continue to weave the story and progress the plotline this far without solely focusing on the romance portion, or the action portion, or the mystery, is just great. It advances evenly which is fabulous.

Of course, as much as I don't particularly care for reading this pairing I do very much enjoy reading your version of it. As I've said before I am a total fan of all things canon, and we know how canon this stupid pairing is so I guess I'll just have to go with it :P I won't say you've converted me but I will say you've made me more tolerant. That's all you're getting from me, you hear? That's it! No more! :P

Amazing chapter! So well done :)

Author's Response: Ashley!

Sorry for taking ages to respond :(. A killer cold got me.

Your reviews are always so much fun to read. This is why you get me addicted to them, because you make them funnn!

Remus is ABSOLUTELY hot when he's mad. All controly and Alpha and yum.

Hahaha I love learning new British swear words. And then it's so weird because they're not really swear words! But they are... and yeah. Brits. Coming up with non sweary swear words.

I'm really happy that you liked the description of Olivia and William's health. I wanted to make it clear that these people may be witches and wizards, but their bodies are still 80 year old bodies. Most 80 year olds would be bed ridden, so their doing a ton better than muggles, but that doesn't man their spring chickens.

Hahahah I'm imagining Lily in bright orange with orange eyeshadow looking like a human carrot. Petunia would LOVE that :P


I am totally going to make up with the amount of Jily feels that I made you endure this chapter with a nice little look into our favorite crazy villain next chapter. She's getting her nails nice and sharp just for you...and making her curls extra insane.

I WILL CONVERT YOU. I WILL. My new goal in life is to make you cry by the end of this. Yep. Mwahahaha ♥

I love you and your awesome reviews ♥

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