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Review:Gabriella Hunter says:

Its Gabbie here with your requested review and I'm glad to be back. I really do enjoy this story and its so wonderfully written that I get sucked away every time I start it. This chapter shifted POV's and at first I wasn't sure if I would like it or not but it didn't take me long, you write Remus so well that I actually forgot about it.
And you've bumped the time up a bit, which I thought was done smoothly. There weren't any details that were forced in and making me go, "Wait, what?" hahaha and I was able to follow it very well. So Remus is still, sadly, suffering from his transformations and I'm sort of glad (Sorry Remus!) that you haven't made it easier for him. As I've learned from reading the books, his life was never easy and the transformations are just a physical way of showing it. To me at least. Haha.
Anyhoo, what a night for Wolf though! I'm glad that he was able to accept the boys as his family, it sort of made me all warm and fuzzy. Though I'm sure this wasn't supposed to be funny, that thing with the clothes was hilarious but the later events weren't! Argh, how I love how you tied this in to canon and bad Sirius! *Spanks*
I'm not sure if, by reading this I felt sorry for Snape but thank God James saved him. Wolf was about to burst through the door and rip him to shreds and the Whomping Willow was going to smack him around. He should have been a tad more grateful but he wasn't. -_-
I can't imagine why Sirius is so care free about everything, his attitude was really irritating. The other's reactions to him were spot on though and I loved that they didn't just forgive him right away.
Remus is conflicted though because he loves Sirius of course but on the other hand, what happened was very cruel and nasty on his part. Wondering how they'll make up, if its ever spoken about again?
And Remus had a conversation with Lily, its surprising to see her in this story finally, I wasn't expecting to. I'm glad that he was able to to tell her what was going on and I'm really relieved that Lily didn't have a negative reaction. Although Wolf found her pouncing to be a slight threat, haha. I favorited this story so I can read it any time I like and thanks so much for requesting it for me, I really enjoy reading it!
As for CC's there were only like, a few grammar problems but your pacing is great and your characters are as strong as ever. :D
Have some cake!
Much love,

P.S.: I heard a slight rumor that they aren't sure who's going to be doing the voices for the new Sailor Moon cast. I really hope its the original actors too! ;)

Author's Response: Heya! Glad that you're back!! :D

I'm thrilled that you get easily sucked right into the story. That's what I hope with every chapter I write. I try to change up the first pov we see between Wolf and Remus to keep things 'fresh' in a way. Haha. I won't want people to get bored!

The transformations are always bad on poor Remus and despite coming to terms of what he is, he's always reluctant to just give in to the beast inside him. His life, like you said, is very tough because of his condition, something I might be able to show in the 6th chapter. He's jobless thanks to Umbridge and those that know that he's a werewolf, they treat him like...well, horrible.

The whole thing with the clothes and pants was suppose to be funny, so don't worry if you laughed about it! :D

This was a scene I always knew I wanted to write about. After finishing with what I thought was the second and last chapter, my beta convinced me to write more. It was then I decided to add this scene as part of the story because I wanted to explore what would've happened between Sirius, James and Remus. What Sirius did was very careless. He didn't think of the consequences of his actions nor how Remus would've felt if he did bite Snape. There just can't be forgiveness right away.

Lily is a somewhat taboo for me...the books sorta sanctified her so I tend to stay away from her. This entire conversation was definitely tough to write but I'm glad you liked it!

I'm honored that you added this to your faves! :D And trust me, I haven't'll get a 'thanks' review coming soon!

Thank you so much for stopping by once more!

Until next time


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