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Review:water_lily43175 says:
Lyndon holds a campaign in a restaurant, and Corvus holds a full on gala in his ballroom. How very pureblood of him!

The tension between Tristan and the Corvus campaigners is wonderful here. There's a lot of humour and pleasantries on the surface but nobody shies away from making little digs wherever possible. Also, the difference between society in Britain and the US has been mentioned before, but here it highlights really well how Astoria's time in the US has influenced her views on British society, and why it means she'd be both pleased and saddened to see the end of the hierarchy at the same time.

Corvus' speech just emphasises how Rhodes' anti-pureblood propaganda undermines his own campaign. And indeed, it's very easy to see how Corvus could gather such support from purebloods, even those who aren't murderous ex-Death Eaters. Rhodes' persecution of them is just going to push them in Corvus' direction. But then I suppose Rhodes wouldn't consider that a bad thing per se, as he's hardly appealing to purebloods for votes. It may help Lyndon though, because he's in the position where he could garner the support of purebloods who feel victimised by Rhodes but don't see eye to eye with Corvus either.

I've been looking forward to the first Draco/Astoria interaction! His motives in inviting her intrigue me as much as her; I doubt he's scouting for a wife just yet! They are utterly engaging as a pair; there's a lot of chemistry there and if they weren't on opposing sides in this election campaign (because I get the feeling that Astoria is near-enough on Lyndon's team, and besides, she clearly doesn't agree with Corvus' own campaign) then they'd get on very well. It's a promising start and it will be interesting to see how things develop as the election campaign goes on.

Astoria's father's influence on her actions is intriguing. It seemed as though the Greengrasses weren't full supporters of Voldemort - after all, given that Tristan doesn't seem to group himself with the purebloods any more, and Astoria's views are fairly liberal (though admittedly influenced by her time in the US) it seemed unlikely that Greengrass Sr would be a fully fledged Death Eater. And that turns out to be the case. But he still supported Voldemort to some extent. Interesting.

I love the Corvus tactic here - that they WANT Astoria to be involved with Lyndon's campaign in order to derail Rhodes. I have a feeling that that may backfire, as if Lyndon receives too much support he may well snatch the rug from under Corvus' feet. It will make things interesting if it means that they're trying to encourage Astoria's involvement, though. Draco's take on her is amusing, because he ALMOST finds himself impressed by Astoria's strengths within politics - until he adds on the condition that she's impressive for an American. Malfoys can't give anyone credit easily!

Aha, trying to get the media on side. Yet more political manoeuvring. I'm not so sure if the Wizarding Wireless Network will side with Corvus ... or whether Lyndon's lot will get there first? If so, I suspect Astoria involvement.

Also, I love all of the different varieties of brandy and wine and whatnot. Expensive liquor is important in pureblood circles!

I'm really enjoying this fic so far, I absolutely love all the political goings-on! I hope you update soon. :)

Author's Response: Hi again!

The little digs between Tristan and Corvus' side were fun to write in. Tristan definitely isn't the sort to let that opportunity go.

Astoria's time in the US has changed her. She has had such a privileged upbringing and then been sent over to America for a culture shock (I've assumed that America would not have such strict blood views). Corvus' gala is a blast from the past - it's all childhood and bittersweet memories. I love the idea of pureblood balls and the romanticism of them so I did like setting Corvus' gala at one.

Rhodes' anti-pureblood propaganda is certainly helping Corvus. It presents Corvus with the opportunity of something to mobilise and fight against, and the Corvus v. Rhodes match-up will be playing a larger role later on.

Lyndon is sitting in a very fortunate niche!

The Draco/Astoria has been a long time coming! I debated on bringing it in earlier but just couldn't do it - there was a lot of scene-setting that had to happen first. This is the second review of this chap that has mentioned chemistry, which makes me chuffed to no end - that's exactly what I was going for! I don’t want to plot spoil on this bit so I'll stop typing :-)

The Greengrass family is just another pureblood family that Voldemort has managed to take the wrecking ball to. Astoria's father will impact little sections of plot and his involvement in Voldemort's ranks become clearer as it goes on.

I'm so glad you liked Corvus' strategy - I thought it may come across as 'well, you've just added that strategy in there because it gives the opportunity for gratuitous Draco/Astoria action'. While I never say no to gratuitous Draco/Astoria, it benefits Corvus immensely to keep all three of his opponents in play. Removing any one of them only weakens his position. Far better that Astoria evens the field!

Of course Lucius would go straight for the WWN, there's no end to the Malfoy cunning :-)

Ha - very important for the purebloods to have extravagant drinks like dragon brandy and such for a tipple.

Thank you so much for your amazing reviews! I was so stoked to log on and see one on each chap. It's good to see that the important points are being picked up on and that the ship seems to be working so far! :-)

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