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Review:water_lily43175 says:
Oh, the irony of Voldemort bringing about the end of the pureblood aristocracy. It's interesting that that wasn't more of an immediate thing though; that seven years on, the rich pureblood families still have power and authority to some extent. But this kind of social change is something I absolutely love. Moreover, I love Astoria's opinions on it. She's clearly not a pureblood supremacist, and sees the ending of the class system as a good thing, but yet she still regrets that it has to happen, and I love that she's not completely black and white on the issue. It's actually very easy to sympathise with her on that, because who DOESN'T like the occasional posh frock do? And, of course, everyone succumbs to nostalgia. Astoria's views on politicians are utterly marvellous, too. She works with them, so of course she sees through them completely! It will be interesting to see how Lyndon fares in her eyes.

Comparison of Muggle/wizarding political systems, this pleases me greatly. Astoria would, of course, like the idea of the monarchy. But Lyndon's ideas for reform are utterly fascinating - and actually highlight the fact that the Ministry in its current form is completely undemocratic. It's something I'd never really thought about before, but ... the Minister has his fingers all over the Wizengamot! There's absolutely no separation of powers at all. Minister makes laws, Minister executes laws, Minister judges. Or near enough, at any rate. Fudge did his best to influence the result of Harry's hearing but the Wizengamot still freed him in the end. Either way, all legal power is given to the one body within the Ministry, and it's far from democratic. So, I like Lyndon's ideas of reform ... but Astoria is right, it's a risky business.

Incidentally, I like that Shacklebolt's done his best to make the Ministry better, but there are still downfalls. His main challenge was restabilising the wizarding world after the war, and he seems to have done that well, but there's still much more that can be done within the Ministry to improve it, and Lyndon seems to be the man for the job at the moment.

"I told you he was a strange creature." Cortewalle has a way with words. I like him already. And Astoria's not completely carried away by Lyndon as of yet. She's probably heard all of this before; and it's one thing for a politician to promise something, and quite another for them to implement it. Nevertheless, a reasonable first impression has been made.

Cortewalle's disappearance is ... intriguing, to say the least. Is a Malfoy involved, perhaps? I suspect so. Anyway, this little passage has increased my excitement for the Draco/Astoria to come!

It didn't take long for Lyndon's team to try to snap Astoria up! Her unwillingness is interesting, and I like that she's hesitant about agreeing to get involved rather than jumping at the opportunity right from the start. And yet, there's SOMETHING about the idea that appeals to her.

Hmm, the Corvus campaign is already interested in Astoria. She's in demand!

Rhodes' campaign manager sounds dangerous - and if he has those views then it's likely that Rhodes himself shares them. At first, a candidate promoting blood equality sounded promising but it now appears as though Rhodes in fact promotes pureblood inferiority, which is DEFINITELY not the way to go. An argument against equality cannot be fought with the completely opposite argument!

Cortewalle seen with Lucius ... as I'd expected, the Corvus campaign is involved. But it's intriguing because it seems as though Cortewalle willingly met up with Lucius. There's clearly far more going on than appears at face value. Dirty tactics from Corvus, though. Most curious!

Author's Response: Second review! Huzzah!

Ah, Voldemort. Poor old bugger. His whole pro-pureblood thing has been bollixed up quite epically :-) I took a bit of Hermione's post-Hogwarts career into consideration with the timeline for reforming the Ministry. Apparently she was working initially for things like goblins rights and then went onto the Department of Magical Law Enforcement to tear down the pro-pureblood laws. Without knowing how long she spent doing either of these things, I've moved her on over to Law Enforcement for a shake-down at the time of the election. (Hermione does has a little cameo later on.)

Astoria is a bit of a cynic. I won't go into it too much (because I plan on doing so in a later chap) but she didn't get into politics like many probably do because of idealism, she simply had the connections and the skill. Her connection with Gallows means that she's seen the ugly side and gone in eyes wide open. Backroom deals, dirty tricks, image-making, and the ease with which a candidate will agree to go negative have made her unable to believe in the candidate, even if she can believe in the message.

Thank you! I've been really worried about that whole first section where Astoria speaks with Lyndon. I ended up cutting it entirely, and then was convinced to write it back in (and expand on it). I'm glad it's got you thinking about how top-heavy the Ministry is. I came to that same conclusion when researching the Ministry and the Wizengamot - it is completely undemocratic. I have take a teensy liberty and embellished it a bit - there's no canon that states exactly how the Wizengamot or Ministry Officials are elected or appointed. (I'm half hoping for and dreading that Pottermore will shed some light on it.)

It's probably obvious that I'm rooting for Lyndon ha ha. Lyndon would be such a breath of fresh air in the Ministry, but it's been difficult for me to not put him forward as Mr. Dream all-the-answers Politician. I'm working on his flaws. I hope that his wish for Astoria to 'go negative' on his behalf is the first sign that his convictions can be undermined.

You're absolutely right - Corvus' team is behind Cortewalle's disappearance. I feel oddly happy that you've liked Cortewalle and then he's been treated so poorly (-_-') it was important to show that the Malfoys will really stop at nothing, even with hexing the elderly. Mission accomplished!

Astoria will definitely need some convincing to step into the British arena (enter outside forces *cough* Draco *cough*).

Again, spot on. Apart from introducing Rhodes' side of the election, the section featuring Spontin does introduce a bit of uncertainty - while there is a lot of merit to Rhodes' campaign, it could so easily be taken too far...

I'm loving these reviews! Heading on over to the next!

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