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Review:teh tarik says:

I am come back for more :DD

COURSE I like your story; it's one of the few multi-chaptered humour fics that I keep up with. Otherwise you'll probably find me wallowing in a lot of angst!?! and misery. Oh, a little anecdote before I get into the review proper: I was typing a review for another story...which had an OC by the name of Ellie, and when I hit the preview button I saw that every instance of her name had been misspelled (or maybe not :p) to Edie. There. Edie's sitting nicely in my brain.

So, ooh, this Tallulah Blakeslee character is a very imposing character. I really liked all three of them (Rose, Tallulah and Edie) being in the same room just for that brief moment; there's some kind of er...hierarchy there that was shown really really nicely, with Tallulah at the top and poor Edie at the bottom xD Her article must've been seriously good that the entire magazine decided to expand a section just for her!

But anyway, the main part of this chapter that really had me LOL-ing shamelessly...OMG Oliver Wood run-in in the hospital! What are the chances of that. And:

Wood turns and glances at me, looks away, and then does a double-take.

I CAN SEE HIM DOING THAT. Like, really really clearly! And not to mention, shirtless! I think every other Oliver story i read on the archives is now going to be disrupted by this tiny moment. You've rewritten by impression of Wood. Completely.

And socially awkward Wood...goodness! Is this the same Wood who used to sit in the Gryffindor common room alone in a corner hunched over a set of Quidditch figures and muttering to himself? (As you can tell I've just reread parts of the books ) Gah, love this so much. And I'm glad Edie has trust issues with Wood this time even though he's being nice and all that...don't want her to get fooled again xD

Is there...chemistry right now? Is there? Is there? God, and this line:

Hmm. Big hands, too.

I choked on my tea. (Sorry this is not a very helpful review at all...)

Oh my goodness the FALL. The end of this chapter! Edie many shades of awkward it's not even...wait, yes it's really funny. All that effort to appear flirtatious and...there it all goes xD

Alright it's really late over here and this is a rather rambly review in which I've done nothing but quote back your story to you bahah. OK, I've just got one thing: like, major plot hole: where is Edie's article!? I want to witness her brilliance in writing, firsthand :D

I'll be back to reread and review the next chapter!


Author's Response: Edie is infiltrating your other reviews?! That is awesome! I'm so glad that she's wedged her way into your brain, hehe.

Haha, I'm so glad you found the double-take interesting! A lot of my writing--including my poems--is really image-heavy so sometimes I wonder if I'm overdoing it. Like I have a constant inner battle about it. (JUST LET THE READERS FIGURE OUT ON THEIR OWN WHAT KIND OF GESTURE OR FACIAL EXPRESSION THEY'RE MAKING SARAH STOP IT, for example.)

I am so glad that you like socially awkward Wood. I think he's very talkative and opinionated, but only in a very factual way. As in he told Professor McGonagall "You can't cancel Quidditch!" but I could never see him being the overly flirtatious heartthrob that he's sometimes portrayed to be. I think he's so passionate about his Quidditch career that he spends all his time working out and practising and is really ~*~hawt~*~ for it, but saves no time for social interactions and is therefore really awkward.

I'm so glad you laughed at the "big hands" comment. Nobody had mentioned it yet and I was beginning to feel a bit pervy.

I'm really conflicted about the article, like SO MUCH. I purposefully didn't include much from the first interview because I want to go way in-depth into the other ones and didn't want to become repetitive. Same thing with the actual articles... but I feel like I'm just leaving out a huge plot hole, like you said. Bah! I just don't know.

Thank you so very very very very VERY much! I apologize for this crazy-long response but I'm so glad that you liked the chapter!

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