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Review:water_lily43175 says:
I'm a sucker for fics with a political theme, I enjoy reading post-war fics about Draco because he can be a very intriguing character, and I love the more 'obscure' pairings like Draco/Astoria ... so you've got me hook, line and sinker here!

I thoroughly enjoy when people develop and expand on JK's version of the wizarding world in areas which she left fairly vague. There's obviously lots of scope to do that when it comes to the politics of the wizarding world because she leaves that very bare - but I love that you've also developed the political system in the US. It's not necessarily a vital bit of detail, and perhaps that's why I like it so much, because you've clearly put so much thought into it and it really makes the fic much more realistic and believable as a whole, so kudos for that - and for the name of the fourth quart, which has me chuckling a little bit.

I love the "What in the Weird" section in The Pundit. And the Lyndon campaign's wand-holsters. Amazing! Again, little details that I absolutely adore. And I find Daphne's comparative lack of interest thoroughly amusing as well!

The Draco/Lucius relationship seems interesting - that Lucius lost Draco's respect during the war but has gained it back to some extent since. Draco always came across as being less enthusiastic and radical as his father, so it'll be interesting to see how they get along at this point in time. And Lucius WOULD still support pureblood supremacy any way he could, wouldn't he?

A lot of love here for the detail on the campaign to get rid of the archaic laws too, and the Wizengamot's unwillingness to repeal a lot of them. And that the political process is COMPLETELY ridiculous in its near-impossibility to get something passed, which seems to be the norm in any system these days. Yet more political expansion which I love. And the relevance of the blood supremacy row, and the different approaches of the candidates, is an intriguing one. Good start!

Author's Response: Thank you for your reviews!

Draco has always been one of my favourite characters. I've tried to give him a post-war life that I could see him in, and following along the line of his forefathers, meddling in the Ministry goings-on, seemed the most real to me. Setting Astoria in a family that has that same political grounding, albeit a somewhat more tame one, was the general idea of the story.

I am enjoying writing about the politics. There's just not all that much that we know about them, so while I'm having fun 'inventing' them, it is a challenge to keep it believable (I'm stoked you're finding the detail contributes to believability).

The US system was fleshed out a bit when I started thinking about what Astoria might have been doing over in the US and what sort of events could lead her back home to Britain, and I had to write it out to make sense of it (which ended up forming the basis of the prologue). I also wanted it to set Astoria up as someone who knows what they're doing, right from the beginning. I'm glad you liked it. It does sort of set the scene as very political so I think it might tend to turn away the people who don't find an interest in that side of the wizarding world.

The father/son relationship is something that will become more important later on. Lucius is technically the brains of the outfit, forced to work his magic from the confines of the Manor. Draco has a lot more legroom as the more socially acceptable Malfoy, and while he is not as accomplished as his father, he has learnt from the best. Astoria is going to present them both a bit of a challenge.

I'm loving that you're enjoying the little details. The archaic laws are something that will crop up throughout. They were one of the important issues that could create this situation where blood supremacy again becomes a hot topic, the wizarding public begins to turn against the Ministry, and Shacklebolt's image as the man who 'reformed' the Ministry is undermined.

The Wizengamot are ridiculous. They are the last remnants of Fudge's and Voldemort's Ministry, and Shacklebolt's reforms are enough to turn them against him and make his job (and abolishing the archaic pureblood laws) that much more difficult.

Thank you for reviewing this chap :-)

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