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Review:Jchrissy says:
Hi Amanda! I’m so excited to see a new chapter ♥

I’m going to try my hand at a running review, since I never seem to remember to comment on everything I wanted to if I wait until the end :P

I love the amount of characterization you were able to get across with the founders talking about their subjects. Even before that, actually, with Rowena feeling unease about Salazar being the one who called the meeting. The fact that he usually complains about them shows, not only that there must be a very specific reason as to why he called this one, but that he truly does believe he’s above all that. Above the mundane dirty work of running a school, of traveling the distance required to meet with his fellow founders. It wouldn’t surprise me if he tried to hold the meetings in his own home.

Anyway, before I got sidetracked with self important Salazar… I love that the studies you had each founder suggest. Rowena’s pertaining strictly to knowledge and how to expand the students into many different areas of that knowledge, Helga’s about a very hard days work and the honesty that brings to a person, Godric’s regarding understanding everyone as equals and closing distances that, little do they know, will someday be the result in countless deaths.

I just think it was a very creative way to remind us what each House does stand for.

Ohhh he’s such a pompous jerk, that Salazar. He’s chastising Rowena for her rushed answer, when he’s the one who won’t even open his mind to the possibility that Muggles and Wizards ‘breeding’ may be the only thing that saves their kind. Sorry Salazar, you can only get so many generations of inbred before it all goes down (further down) hill. As the Gaunts kindly demonstrated for us.

Ohhh Amanda :( This middle section was really sad :(. I’m a bit irritated at Rowena, to be honest. I completely understand where she’s coming from, but really she’s no better than Salazar just now. Judging Venn because of his uncle is just as bad as judging muggles and deeming them unworthy. Of course Rowena’s actions come from a much purer place where she truly does want her daughter happy, but maybe part of her is also very uncomfortable with the idea of becoming such a close relation to Salazar if the union is tied?

Regardless of her reasons, it still wasn’t nice of her. She does seem like someone who would protect her daughter at all costs, but I wish she would have at least spoke with Edeline about the reason behind all this, and she certainly shouldn’t have insulted her. It absolutely fits with Rowena’s personality in the situation, though. So even if it made my feels sad, it felt like a really important step in the story.

Oh god! Now you’re just adding more hurt to my feels with this entire Venn section. Sure, he’s not perfect, but he honestly does care about her. And you really gave us a sweet bit of bromance here. But still! With the conversation we just heard, and then this, obviously there’s going to be a conflict coming soon. I have to hope Venn won’t let Helena go...I also wonder what could make him do what he does to her when this all ends when he really does care about her so much. Gah. You have my brain in overdrive.

Oh and there it goes. Something certainly just hit the fan between Helena and Rowena. Again, I’m forcing myself to remember that Rowena loves her daughter… because I’m getting really angry with her stubbornness. Her refusal to even understand that these two are in love, that Venn is NOT his uncle.

And now that you mention having planned a skeleton of the rest in your AN.. do you know how many chapters total this will be??? I feel like I want to get to the end so badly to find out how it all comes apart, but then I remind myself what’s going to happen at the end and I’m back to hoping you never actually finish it :P

Thank you so much for another amazing chapter, it was just what I needed. ♥

Author's Response: Hi Jami! Thanks so much for giving this brand-new chapter a welcoming review :)

I'm glad the growing distance between Salazar and the other Founders was evident in this chapter. You're right; he does seem to think of himself as being above everyone else, even those who are just as pure of blood as he is, and with a similar measure of talent. It's also great that you liked my little ode to the Houses with each Founder's choice of classes.

I'm honestly finding it hard to decide who I dislike more at this point, Salazar or Rowena. I think Rowena comes from a good place, like you said, because she thinks that Helena will end up regretting her marriage if she is thrust into a battle for pureblood supremacy. At the same time, though, I guess you could say that Salazar *thinks* his heart is in the right place, too, in terms of preserving his family's position and wanting to make sure that magic retains its value. Either way, it makes things hard for the young couple. I agree about Edeline, though--I felt bad letting Rowena be so cruel to her. She's probably the most pure-hearted one in the story. I'm glad it seemed in-character, at least.

Another reviewer pointed out that he or she was really confused about Venn's motivation and his temperamental treatment of Helena. I wanted to address that directly here and really show that his time getting to know Helena has taken its toll and changed him a bit. He's not perfect, and neither is Helena. You're right--the tide is beginning to turn.

In response to your query, I don't know how many chapters there will be. I want this to feel complete and well-paced when it's done, and I'm not at novel length yet, so don't worry, you have more time left with Venn and Helena. I can only hope that you'll be impressed when everything is said and done.

Thanks so much for this really lovely review. I'm so glad I could brighten your day :)


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