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Review:The Misfit says:
It's always Sirius, isn't it? Sirius, the inspiration behind the Marauders' Map (as well as Peter), Sirius, the one who prods everyone to join the Order as well as Sirius who's incredibly impatient waiting for news of Dumbledore - which Harry is too! (Clever, clever Rachel!)

I really love how Sirius behaves - it's just so true to everything we know about him! (Even though I had to go and look up apathetic to figure out what it meant. :3) I loved how that little second-year reacted! It was just so sweet - and again, incredibly relatable. You could just tell that she was scared she'd do something stupid - like, I don't know, accidentally throw a frisbee at the Head Boy's head? *cough* Which I may or may not have done when I was 13... *cough* I feel really stupid though - when I first read Dumbledore's letter, I was like: "Why would there be sweets all over the castle floor? ...Oh. It's the password."

BAHAHAHA at the trick that Remus played! Again, incredibly relatable! I swear you can read their minds, and they're fictional characters. >.< And again, your characterization of Dumbledore is just too perfect asdfghjkl. (Are you secretly JKR in disguise?!) I have to admit to being just a little disappointed when I found out that 9 Dustund Way was an apartment.. I've been wondering what it was all the way through this story (I use the drop down bar to change chapters after accidentally skipping a chapter with the >> button, so I read all the chapter names before reading chapter 2) and I'd built up a picture in my head of somewhere grand, like Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place - possibly the Bridger home, and later on, potentially the Maycott house. Whoops. :3

The moment when James asked Dumbledore if Lily and her friends could join the Order was so sweet - how embarrassed he was, and his surprise at Dumbledore's omniscience - it was just so James. And his admission that he loved Lily just set off a whole load of James/Lily feels (I can't stand the Jily ship name; not sure why) and I was just aww aww aww aww like James was a baby kitten. *blushes*

I think that asterisk break in between James' admission and his friends' reactions might be a typo - it seems to be the same situation, so you don't really need it, although you might have added it for dramatic effect - I'm not too sure.

My James/Lily feels are dancing happily; and my Snabeth feels are gloomy that they only got two sentences in this whole chapter... there's proof of how brilliant you are at canon adherence even in a (slightly) AU fic. XD

Author's Response: It always Sirius! I don't know exactly how he came to be such a key figure in this entire plot -- I don't think I meant for him to be, but at the same time, I have no regrets. :P I had a lot of fun writing how I saw him! His characterization's pretty distinct, but I'm glad you're enjoying it here all the same. :P He's just so... bubbly, and energetic, and yet at the same time he CAN be serious when the time calls for it. I've probably said all this before... No mind-reading here, unfortunately! :P

9 Dustund Way is basically the dingiest place in London -- well, not really, of course. You'll see it in books two and three, and actually several key plot points play out there! Nothing grand, though, and I rather think that after Dustund Way, Grimmauld Place would (almost) have been welcome headquarters.

I can't stand the Jily ship name, either; there are a lot of ship names I can't stand, come to think of it (with the exception of Sneth!), but there you go. I put the asterisk in there, though, to show a change in point of view; it's a little subtle, because the last section does end looking at James, but it's actually from Beth's point of view. The asterisk makes it switch to James's. Sorry for the confusion!

Definitely an AU fic, but trying to tie to canon as much as possible... if such a thing exists. :D Thank you for your review! ♥

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