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Review:The Misfit says:
Oh, James. Oh, Sirius. You just made yourself very unpopular by kicking Mrs Norris. :( Somehow, though, it really does highlight Sirius' flawed personality - remember his little speech in OotP about your character being revealed by the way you treat those lesser than you? And Mrs Norris must be old to have been around in the Marauders era - although Filch might have named all of his cats Mrs Norris - maybe after some (unavailable) woman he loved? :3

James and Lily and a small, stout box?! I'm inclined to think that it's jewellery of some kind; perhaps a necklace? As you don't mention him getting down on a knee to give it to her and I've always thought of James as proposing on one knee in a kind of romantic setting. (Side note: I wonder if those bells Sirius got Beth can be charmed to play the Wedding March and throw confetti? Perhaps we'll see their reoccurence at a certain wedding?) Plus, they've only been dating for four months - although there is a war on, which might affect James' decisions. Hmm. I'll find out in the next chapter, hopefully!

Sirius and toilets? I'm half-prepared to bet that at least one of the toilets in question is located in a certain ghostly-occupied bathroom... ;) And those bells just made me laugh! Only Sirius would think of something like that!

I liked the little detail you added about Sirius' pile being neat, and as he's never neat it indicated he had been there for some time - I'm not sure why, but I know that I felt it was a nice description to include.

I got a little confused though at the fact that Beth has never had a Hogwarts Christmas. Wouldn't she have wanted to stay at school instead of going home to her parents arguing? Although you did mention in an earlier chapter that she always hoped it would have stopped every time she went home, so maybe I'm just nitpicking here? :3

I liked that anecdote about Walburga sending Sirius the crumbs from their fruitcake, and how Sirius was offended that she hadn't sent all the crumbs - although with the Blacks being all posh, they might just be skilled at eating their food without spilling crumbs. With the exception of Sirius, of course. :P

Beth's parents. Oh, the perils of adults acting like children. Her mother's letter was wonderfully atrocious - if mine ever sent me a letter like that, I'd be questioning her sanity - and that jewellery. Ugh. On that subject though, I noticed another typo: "None of the pieces of jewelry would have made their way onto her wrists at any time," - what about her neck and ears? ;) Also, in her father's letter, "your loving father" should be on one line, because signing off a letter with just "Your loving," sounds strangely odd.

I'm really curious as to what other presents that Beth got! I hope that you mention those in the next chapter because well, I'm a Gemini and that's a perfect excuse to be nosy. ;)

(Side note: When you mentioned Beth's hope that Sirius would liven up the Christmas feast, I suddenly got a picture in my head of him charming the Christmas turkey to suddenly stand up and dance across the table and, when people tried to catch it, it would run away singing "You can't catch me!" like in the children's story The Gingerbread Man! Your writing is so brilliant, it keeps inspiring me! :3)

Another typo: "Fat snowflakes were falling from the ceiling," should be fake, I believe. ;)

Severus is BAAACK!! XD And the way that Beth is so excited that he thought of her and her reaction to that, and the fact that Severus actually did spend time thinking about her and I'm fangirling about this moment and I've lost the ability to produce coherent speech much like Beth and - *hands take a deep breath* I digress.

HE TOUCHED HER! HE TOUCHED HER! Okay, so it was a friendly gesture but... he touched her. I love this. Mistletoe moment! - although I've already mentioned two reviews ago what would probably happen if there had been mistletoe. :3

Oh, and holly berry red is the shade my face is now after all that fangirling. How do you write them so tortorously perfectly?! ♥

(This is my new second-longest review ever. I'm going to run out of characters soon...)

Author's Response: Ooh, and here I was mentally cheering the pair of them on for kicking her... Haha! Isn't that supposed to be everyone's dream? :P

There was so much Sirius in this chapter, more than I think I realized, but it became apparent to me in your review. I loved writing him in this story, and still love writing him in the third book. I'm really going to miss him when it's all done, I think. Sarah's characterization of him vastly inspired mine, of course -- she sees him in such a fun way, it was hard not too myself! And yet he does have a bit of a serious side, especially where things like his family are concerned. I think I have a thing for characters with two sides to their personalities... if he counts as one of those, of course.

Ah, and still no mistletoe! :P I think anyone hoping for oodles of romance in this story was probably sorely disappointed... but I just cannot see Severus being romantic, and especially not this early in a not-relationship. It was hard to make him romantic in any respect! I'm so happy you appreciate the ship, in any case. ♥ I tried so hard to write them realistically, while at the same time progressing forward, and your compliments to that end really are so encouraging.

Thank you so much for yet another great review! :3 ♥

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