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Review:The Misfit says:
First off, I know I promised to finish my reviews two days ago, but all week I've been staying up until 5, 6 and 7am to read ITB, and because we've got builders here I've been waking up at 8am all week, so for the past two days I've done nothing except sleep, eat and do things that don't require (a lot of) brain power in order to recover from the major overdose of feels combined with how addictive ITB is. ♥ Seriously, I've never stayed up so late (early?) so many nights in a row to read one story, so consider yourself honoured. ;) I will do my best to finish those reviews sometime soon, if only so I can find out what happens! XD

HAHA! I love how Remus docked points from Sirius for annoying him! (You don't mind if I borrow that for my Marauders fic? I'll credit you; promise! ♥) Beth's feelings about her parents are incredibly relatable though; although mine never married in the first place and split when I was one, I've seen friends' parents divorce and it's not nice at all. Also, this quote: "Somehow it felt good to channel all her misgivings about her life into the divorce, because that was a far easier thing than to blame herself for them." is incredibly relatable yet again - I tend to blame my laziness on anything except me, and that quote really sums up why In The Black has been so popular on the forums - it's just amazing how readers (well, me anyway) can identify with your characters and see them in us / ourselves in them.

I would LOVE to be at Hogwarts, even if only for the run-up to Christmas, and the Christmas holidays! And those garlands sound lovely - poor house-elves though; that's so much decorating to do! :3

JAMES' REACTION TO PETER'S QUESTION!! It made me laugh; visualizing Daniel Radcliffe's face in my mind looking horrified at the thought that he's supposed to get a gift for his girlfriend. And it really shows why they keep Peter around when he asks questions like that; if he hadn't, James would not be a very popular boyfriend on Christmas Day... and on that same topic, Beth is a saint! Seriously, if my best friend demanded that I sit outside in the snow for half an hour, I would at least expect some Honeydukes chocolate as a reward - preferably the bars that Remus likes which warm you up. (I'd definitely need it!) A few paragraphs later though, you mention that it's six o'clock in the morning and I'm trying to work out what kind of shop would be open for business at five thirty in the morning? >.<

SNABETH FEELS AGAIN. Aww, Beth and Severus had a conversation that lasts longer than five minutes? FINALLY! ♥ And Beth's feeling of being equal with Severus was just asdfghjkl. We've seen her feel so unconfident around him, fumbling through her sentences that it's so incredibly lovely to see her finally gaining confidence - and that ending just killed me with all of the Snabeth feels it had. The only thing missing from that scene was some mistletoe - because hey, watching/reading them be all awkward about the "expected" kiss would so be fun! Although Severus would probably spoil it by snagging it and saying he needed it for a potion or something, the silly boy. :3

(And this is the longest review I've ever written. Whoops!)

Author's Response: I know I've told you before, but I'll say it again -- seriously, take your time! ♥ Goodness knows my schedule means I'm responding to these reviews a bit slower than I'd have otherwise liked, so you're way ahead of me. I'm just thrilled that you're enjoying this story so much!

My parents aren't divorced, either, and most of my friends with divorced parents don't talk about it too much, so I was kind of writing blind in that area. (It is an odd fear of mine, actually, that my parents will divorce... even though I really don't think they will! But that's off-topic, I suppose.) I would LOVE to see Hogwarts at Christmas! I think that if I could ever see it, just once -- pretend it's real, yeah? -- then I'd choose to go around Christmas. How gorgeous would it be, all decorated and snowed in?

One thing I keep meaning to specifically thank you for, as far as your reviews are concerned, is how often you bring up how realistic this story and its characters are to you. And I just want you to know how HUGE of a compliment I take that as. My number one priority, always, in any sort of writing, even fan fiction -- it's making things as real as possible with the restrictions like magic or whatever. Realism absolutely sells writing for me, and that's one of the reason I love dystopian novels, that hint of realism. But anyway, I'm absolutely /thrilled/ that you're able to relate so well to ITB thus far, and you should just know how highly I take comments like that. Honestly. I cannot express it properly into words how much that means to me. ♥

Oh my goodness -- I cannot even imagine being asked to do something like stand about in the snow because a friend forgot a Christmas present for their boyfriend or girlfriend. :D It takes a saint indeed! But then she got to talk to Severus, I suppose, so it was probably worth it for Beth. Although the mistletoe avenue will be exceptionally barren, I'm afraid, and probably will be for some time... You'll see what I mean in future chapters, I suppose! Look at me, being all horrifically vague...

This response was a total flop. I feel that way about all my responses to you, actually. :D But I seriously do appreciate your reviews so much, and I just hope you know that! Thank you!! ♥

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