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Review:SilentConfession says:
Hey Amanda! I'm here for that review request you asked of me months ago that you've probably forgotten... or you haven't and have been imaging gouging my eyes out. ;) *lollops around in shame* So sorry m'dear, i think i needed a break from reviewing for a time, but i hope i'm now back! Also, the holiday review exchange made me see that i still like doing it!

The metaphors and imagery do not seem forced m'dear! You've written something really wonderful here and i'm not even quite sure of where to start because i'm really blown away by how lovely this is. It's not over laden with metaphors and it's easily understandable. The way you've done them, dropped them here and there and kept the story revolving around similar ones really helps put a reader in the mood for reading and really getting into the character.

This is more than just lovely word wise because its prose certainly has a poetic twinge to it but it feels like there is meaning behind it. The wording and phrases in each phase of her life really seem to bring out how far she's fallen from grace and how far she's falling into this broken shell of a person. I've never really read many Eileen stories, a couple here and there, and this is among one of my favourites for sure.

Her obsession with perfection is especially harrowing . It seems that coming from the family she did it taught her that she had to be everything and because of this it sent her down this path that warped her into this woman who could never measure up. I like your very subtle hints of her how she dealt with the pressure, the bulimia? her depression and almost obsessive tendencies really helped make your versions of her strong and believable.

This also stands out as a story. I'd expect that many Eileen/Tobias stories talk about him destroying her, the pure spirit that slowly faded but rather had her as this very dark character. You could see really close to the beginning that life wouldn't work well for her since she controlled her life so tightly. Someone can only act for so long before things begin to fall apart. It also gives the sense that she wasn't passive and she stayed dedicated all her life to what she wanted like the love potion so that she would always have someone to look up to her as people used to. There were bits of her that reminded me of Severus and it was clear that he probably spent much of his life fashioning himself after her perhaps because she was the pureblood one, the one he wished he shared all his blood with.

I fear i may begin repeating myself but this was a really wonderful piece of work that i'm really glad i've read. (and i've favourting it because i know i'll come back to it and read it again at some point :D )

-zayne :D

Author's Response: Hi Zayne! So yes, I did forget, haha, but that doesn't make me any less happy to hear from you! I'm glad you're back in the reviewing spirit.

Oh, I'm so glad you liked how I used the metaphors here. I wove so many different ones into this between the Snow White stuff and the references to Merope and Tom that I worried it was too cluttered and the plot would get lost. It's great that you found it easy to follow, and that you liked the underlying story.

I'm also happy that you found Eileen interesting. It was hard for me to get into her mindset, but I liked playing with an unusual characterization of her. Bulimia didn't come to mind for me, but I can see how that would fit perfectly, and I love it when others find different interpretations in my stories. I tried to make her both easy to dislike and pitiable.

The thought of writing Eileen/Tobias terrified me, but this bunny would not leave me alone. It's weird, I guess, but I have the same thought about them as I do with Severus: I loved writing them, but it was so challenging. It's great to hear that you got this foreboding sense about Eileen and Tobias right from the beginning and that you could follow that through into the tragedy of Severus's own life. My head canon is that he had a lot in common with his mother and probably clung to her and her subject of choice to get away from Tobias. I agree that he seemed to idolize her blood.

Thanks so much for your wonderful review :)


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