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Review:CambAngst says:
Hulloo! I'm so pleased to be returning for another awesome chapter of my favorite story about Remus and his furry problem!

In the beginning, I really love the frustration and conflict that wolf is feeling. He doesn't really care much about the drama playing out around him, he just wants OUT! Even though he's furious about his imprisonment, he can't completely ignore the things he's perceiving through Remus's eyes and thoughts. The ongoing argument inside Remus's head is also well done. I was a little curious as to whether Remus could avoid his transformation altogether by simply not seeing the full moon in your version of events. He seems to be able to put it off for a long time.

Flipping to poor Remus's point of view, you did an excellent job of writing him as he gradually loses the battle to maintain control. His anger at Peter seems to feed into the wolf's fury. It's all very complimentary. It felt just right for him that his paramount concern -- as soon as he found a nice Dementor to give Peter a smooch, that is -- was the safety of the trio and Sirius and even Snape. He's such a noble guy. Also, the way that he's sick with guilt over the things he assumed about Sirius really rounded out the picture.

In the next section, you bring Wolf just a bit farther along. He knows that something isn't right. That the Rat shouldn't be there. But it only serves to confuse and frustrate him more. That was a nice bit of writing. I think many people would have been tempted to let Wolf be able to comprehend more about what was going on than his animal nature should really allow for, so props to you for not overplaying his character.

Poor Remus. He pushed his luck just a little too far. The switch that puts Remus inside the cage that Wolf has just vacated was a clever touch.

The chaotic scene outside the secret passage, as told from Wolf's point of view, was brilliantly done. I loved the way that everyone was identified in terms of basic visual details. I absolutely adored the way you wrote Peter: pathetic and in mortal terror. All of Wolf's reactions: his fear of the humans, his need to assert dominance over his pack, his anger at being defied by the Dog... all of it was perfect. Wolf's instincts -- to assert himself and find out answers to all of the questions that left him confused and angry -- seemed just right. I had really never given any thought to whether a werewolf, being a magical creature, would be able to see Dementors. But I suppose it also doesn't really matter. He knew that something grim and frightening and cold and terrible was coming and he fled. That was the main thing.

The conversation between Sirius and Remus the next morning really hit the old heartstrings. It was sad and touching and had just enough of Sirius's signature humor to feel right for the Marauders. The way he pranks Remus with the witch's robes was brilliant. Keeping Buckbeak involved was a nice bit of continuity from the book. The remorse that each of the expressed to the other was so authentic and heart-felt. I loved the fact that Lily was the one who jinxed some sense into Sirius when he was convinced that Remus was the traitor in their midst. Remus's guilt over not even traveling to Azkaban to hear Sirius's side of the story completed the circle. In the end, there's forgiveness all around, which was one of the very few good things to ever come of the tragic story of James and Lily's deaths.

I'm not sure where the story is heading next, but rest assured that I'll be there to read it! Awesome chapter, can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Heya!!

Finally about time I make an appearance and answer your review. I'm so slow at this...

Wolf is definitely very, VERY frustrated by this point. He really wants out and Remus is cutting his allotted time short. I would be angry too, honestly. By diving into Wolf while still inside Remus, it gave me an opportunity to explore how it would be for the both of them. You know when you're writing and you have music or tv blaring on the room and there's a point where you blank the noise out and concentrate on the story... but subconsciously you know what its going on...that's what it is with Remus and Wolf.

At least, that's how I see it. I see Remus meditating or taking a sort of nap while Wolf is out and about but he, subconsciously, is paying attention to what is going on. That's what happened to Wolf. He was so desperate to get out, so "me, me, me" but he managed, nonetheless, to pay attention to what had happened even though he really didn't understand the complexity behind the situation.

Peter being there was the tip of the iceberg. Anger sort of blurs the line between human and werewolf. Both of them felt humiliated, wanted answers, and definitely wanted to kill. I think Remus did indeed wanted to kill Peter without Wolf's influence. He's usually the one to think things through but he just saw red when he found out the truth behind the death of is friends.

Writing about Wolf immediately understand that Peter was the traitor just didn't seem right. He's an animal who, first of all, was too preoccupied about his own freedom rather than actually pay attention to what was going on. Second...he's an animal. If he had been a regular wolf I doubt he would've cared...but he has Remus intelligence and his guidance to tell him that something is not right about Peter. I wanted to give him a while to catch on rather than just make it simple. I like to complicate my life. :3

I was torn when it came to the Dementors to be honest. I wanted to let him see it...but at the same time, he's not a magical person so perhaps his ability to see them is gone. Its indeed a tricky moment. I wanted, though, to give him the same feeling of despair a muggle would have. Hopefully maybe JKR will have the answer one day.

Sirius just needed to let go some of his old emotions and resentment regarding the whole situation; he feels guilty for even thinking that Remus was the traitor.I can imagine Sirius sitting in his cell wondering what he would say to Remus if he ever saw him again. I'm sure he had several speeches prepared but telling the truth of his feelings and thoughts about killing Remus. Remus in the books had years to go visit Sirius to get 'the truth' but he didn't and I always wondered why...writing this story has helped me see that side and I can understand why he didn't.

I really do think see Lily jinxing Sirius for waking Harry up at one point or another so I just had to add it.

I think this is the last 'Marauders' moment I'm going to have because things from here will start heading down hill, most unfortunately. There might be a bit of Harry, Ron and Hermione before the story ends as well but we'll see. Right now I'm doing an outline of the last chapters to see what I'm going to cover.

We'll see what happens next because even I don't have a clue what the next chapter will have! :D

A thousand thanks for every thing you've done for this story! :D If it hadn't been for your help, I might've dropped it into the abandoned pile a long time ago.

Until next time, Dan! Thanks for dropping by!


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