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Review:The Misfit says:
I honestly don't even know where to start here, Rachel. :3 I've always tried to review in some semblance of a chronological order throughout the chapters, but in this one I just have the overwhelming desire to skip straight to my favourite bits - but I know that if I do, my review will be all mashed up and make no sense at all. Gah.

So, let's start with Sirius (and the poor mice!) - the excitement you write him with was literally seeping from the archives through my computer screen and into me; I was constantly fidgeting as I read the chapter, eager to discover what happens next! (Although that could have been down to the chocolate chip cookies that I was eating as I read this chapter.) He was so hyperactive, and so fun to read, and so Sirius. Have I already mentioned how brilliant you are at characterization? I also loved Sirius' reaction when Beth & co asked why his pocket was squeaking! XD Poor mice, though; they must've been so frightened! And yes - even with seventeen cats, I still empathize with mice and rodents and whatnot - minus a certain rat, though - and during the summers, I'm always rescuing snakes from one of my cats and trying to release them safely. :( Seriously, if Socks had his way, his belly would have more snakes in it than the whole of Slytherin house - although judging by the size of him (he looks like Rolly from 101 Dalmatians) I wouldn't be surprised if that was true. :3 Anyway! Back to the chapter - I must not go off on tangents!

Ah! Beth's keeping her parents' divorce secret because she wants to share it with Severus! That is just so adorable and keeps prodding at my Snabeth feels! ♥

"Picking up her fork once more, Beth cast a furtive look up at the high table, where Dumbledore was chatting pleasantly with Professor Flitwick. Upon turning in her seat, however, his gaze flickered over to her for the briefest of moments. She was sure he winked at her over his goblet." < This sounds like it was Dumbledore turning in his seat, but the sentence includes an "her". I'm confused - I'm honestly not sure whether it's a typo or my tiredness is making me stupid. :3

Your characterization of Dumbledore is just perfect. The way he accepts their decision to join the Order, because they're all of age - I wonder if he deliberately allowed Sirius to "overhear" him and McGonagall to assess whether they'd be interested in joining instead of asking them outright? - and how he constantly talks in riddles that only Remus seems to understand. :P

The only thing I'm sad about is that there's no Severus in this chapter. I hope that's not a premonition of what's to come... :( but otherwise, Rachel, this instalment of In The Black is as super as always. ♥

Author's Response: Excited!Sirius makes yet another appearance! I know I just mentioned this in another response to you, but it really does make my wee heart sing to write him as a sort of manchild in this book. He gets a bit more mature, a bit less whimsical (though not entirely so) later on, but then I get to read these reviews and reminisce on how fun he was and it's a good time had by all. :)

I think Beth's keeping a secret to share with Sev is probably a pretty natural thing -- she's just had one blabbed, and after all, she's a girl with her eyes on a classmate. Or maybe I'm just justifying something ludicrous. :P But you buy it, at any rate, and I'll be darned if this isn't my story to do with as I please! (I should not answer reviews immediately upon waking up.)

Ah, yes, that sentence is a bit clumsy -- I've just fixed it, and hopefully it makes a bit more sense now. ;) But that's why I need reviewers like you! I am glad that you like Dumbledore's characterization, though, because I was pretty scared to write him when I realized that he was going to have to make more than one appearance throughout the course of this plot. He's one of the most distinct canon voices (along with Bellatrix and Voldemort, I've come to find), and to hear you think it's spot on is really immensely supportive. ♥

Trust me, Severus isn't going anywhere anytime soon! :P Thank you very much for your review!!

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