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Review:The Misfit says:
Everything in that author's note, I completely agree with. (Although I feel sorry for those poor mice!) And now we'll start from the beginning, shall we?

Severus' thoughts about Beth!! EEEP. I'm so excited to see what's in store for Snabeth! ♥ "Beth seemed a bit less sure of herself, a bit more confused, and Severus had the odd notion to protect her as a result of this." < Okay, Beth might not appreciate it, but NOM. Are we seeing Severus finally starting to consider Beth a friend, or maybe even more? I do think we are, and yet I don't want to admit it to myself, because we have twenty-two chapters still to go and those will be horrendous from the viewpoints of my Snabeth feels, who now have iciles on them from being constantly put in the freezer! :P

I know that you've bent a little canon detail to make Snabeth fit into canon, but it seems odd to me that the Gryffindors were having a Potions class without the Slytherins. Unless you meant that by "they", Severus was including himself in that? I don't know - I just think maybe you could make that sentence a little clearer. :3

Oh, Lily. *shakes head* Trying to get Severus to stay away from Beth is just going to do the opposite - and didn't I just say this in the last chapter's review too? And accusing Severus of spying! Rachel, stop tearing me between two of my favourite characters because seriously, you write them so well that I'm reminded of why I love them, and I can't pick which side to support.

Your description of Sirius made reading this chapter like watching a movie for me, if you know what I mean? Seriously - Siriusly? - I could actually see Ben Barnes creeping around Hogwarts, his pocket full of mice. Mice. That's one of the reasons why I love Sirius, despite his flaws - he seems to go from seventeen-year-old boy to thirteen again, and you write him so well that you remind me of how much I love him. XD

And Dumbledore!! :D Dumbledore, who gets lost in his own castle! Haha, that was a nice touch - and even in 1992, he still does get lost; no wonder the Marauders created a map - but I digress. Sirius and Dumbledore's conversation was just so funnily (is that a word?) awkward, and ooh! We finally start joining the Order! XD

My fingers are starting to hurt from typing so much, so I'm off to finish those other seven reviews before they fall off my hands. ;) Can I just say though, that you are so ridiculously talented that even I'm feeling sorry for those poor white mice in Sirius' pocket as he ran back to Gryffindor Tower! (I hope that Sirius compensates them with some cheese from the kitchens - although knowing him, it'll probably be cheesy socks instead!)

Author's Response: We just might be seeing emergence of emotions from Sev! :3 I can't give anything away, of course, but... Girl, you'd best let your emotions thaw once in a while or they'll get freezer-burned! (Wow. I have taken that simile to a whole new nerdy level.)

I know I just told you this, too, but I'll say it again -- I think up until this point Lily was a /tiny/ bit jealous of the attention she noticed Sev was starting to pay to Beth. Not to mention she knows from James that Beth likes him, too. And after this I sort of imagine that she sort of sees what's barely beginning to manifest between the pair of them, and she doesn't interfere quite like this again. Does that make any sense at all? I'm still typing from my phone, and I fear these responses are rather shoddy as a result. :P

Sirius's little mice prank is one of my favorite depictions of him in ITB! I'm glad you liked it, too. :3 (Although random fact -- I kind of have my own views of how all my characters look, but if I picked a celebrity for Sirius, it would actually be Gotye. I know! But look at a picture and see what I mean!) He very much is a manchild in this story more than either of the other two, and it made this book so much fun. And I loved Dumbledore in this part, too; his line in CoS about getting lost is one of my favorites of his!

I honestly cannot tell you what your compliments mean to me, though. It just... it is so, so wonderful to hear that even one person thinks I have talent. It truly is the nicest thing anyone could ever say to me. ♥ Kate, you are seriously amazing for doing this for me! Thank you endlessly for your reviews!!

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