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Review:The Misfit says:
I think I may have lost the ability to breathe.

Severus was trying to trick Beth!! The guy is a genius, but he hasn't yet learned how to lie, it seems. :P I LOVE how his lip curled slightly when Beth told him off- he appreciates how smart she is! There's so many Snape/Beth feels right there!! XD

I love how Sirius just walks into the common room stuck in his own world, and how he irritates the others. Poor Remus and his head! *sobs* And how cute is Mary McDonald?!

My cheeks were hurting from all the grinning they were doing as I read the interactions in the common room. As soon as Lily walked in and dragged Mary off, I knew something must have happened between James and Lily, and only a few sentences later I was proved correct! It was so cute how James was trying to let the fact that Lily had said yes sink in; and how hilarious that the boys hadn't figured it out! Although I have to ask- if Beth socializes with the boys the majority of the time, how does she know the habits of girls? :3

BAHAHAHAHA at Mary's hand in her porridge! *cough* That wasn't what I'd have done if I was her. *cough* ;) Aww though at Beth's reaction to Severus wanting to speak to Lily. And even more awws at her cluenessless about the whole Severus/Lily incident- although why wasn't she with the boys at the time? I ask simply out of curiousity. :3

The Snape/Beth feels won't go away- I tried to take a break from this story, hoping to get on with writing the vast amounts of fanfiction on my to-do list, and all I want to do is come back to read this story. *hides* And I'm only up to chapter five when I normally read stories of this length in four hours or less because of all those lengthy reviews I keep writing. For some reason, I have this overwhelming compulsion to rave about your wonderfulness. (Which is caused by said wonderfulness. It's a catch-22 here, methinks.)

So, yeah. I'm apparently insane to be reviewing this entire story in one go, it seems. :P And I just remembered that it's Severus' birthday- he shares it with my mum, so I can't imagine how I've forgotten it- so happy birthday, Severus! :P

Author's Response: Severus was indeed tricking Beth! He is a master bluffer, and it means something, I think (though I could be reading too much into my own writing, which does happen) that she's able to figure out that he is. Granted, he falters a bit... but it's something to think about!

I've heard from a couple of people that Mary's actions are somewhat similar to what their own might have been! :D Poor girl -- written solely for bits like that, I'm afraid, in this book. I'm very glad for your reviews, too, make no mistake! Sneth feels do tend to crop up now and again. :3 You definitely don't need to review the whole thing, I hope you know. The fact you're reading at all is tremendous to me, and reviews are simply unnecessary but no less appreciated as icing on the cake!

The first real James/Lily moment of the story appears, and I'm not surprised you knew something was up. :) And I seem to have led you astray as to Beth's social skills, I see! Of course she's not clueless as to girls interact, being one of them herself -- as I'm sure you've found when you hang out with boys, even if you do so more than other girls. I know that when I hang out with my guy friends, I often have to interpret females for them! Sometimes, Kate, I suggest not thinking too hard about this story (which is, after all, a piece of fan fiction, and a fairly quickly-written one, at that!) and just enjoying it for what it is. There are doubtless countless things in this story to pick apart, as I know, seeing as you've picked up on quite a few of them. But this was never written to be a great novel, to be sure, and I had a lot of fun writing it, inconsistencies and all. Concentrate less on all the technical details and nitty-gritty, and just let the lovely Sneth feels (or lack of them, at times) run the story. There are small holes here, and I won't deny it, but it's a much better experience for all involved if you try not to overanalyze them and just go with certain things, I promise.

Happy birthday to Sev and your mum. :P Thanks for such an in-depth review, Kate!

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