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Review:GubraithianFire says:

That is all. LOLJK it's not all, because I left this for precisely one year (!!! congratulations and such!) without reviewing so I think this is as good a time as any to fix that problem. And AAAH this is so weird stylistically and characterization-ly and it's awesome. It's love triangle deconstruction and history things!!! and action and politics! It just makes me so happy :')

And okay I swear that Albus is evil. I love floral more than florpius (is that what it's called? I forgot) but I am 95% sure Albus is evil. This might be my evil!Albus bias peeking through and corrupting what's there in the text, but he is not all there, if you know what I mean. I won't believe he's good until the very end and what I hope is a supremely happy ending, but even then, I'll probably just have a Blunderland AU in the back of my head where he steeples his fingers and muahahas his way through ruining poor innocent Flora's life.

Sorry I'm not sure where that comes from either.

And umm what else. I was quite surprised to realize that I really don't like Scorpius. It's the first of your Scorpii that I don't like. And it's not just that, again, I like floral better than florpius. His character is very well constructed and great but as a person, he just rubs me the wrong way. He's quite conceited and just... lots and lots of self-pity. Flora is like that too (that rant from a few chapters ago where Scorpius tears her apart was amazing), but her lack of agency is endearing and his is grating; if he were narrating, I imagine it would be a lot of moping and whinging, whereas Flora is just a cheerier, less depressing person. I agree that he wants to have the bruises as badges of honor~ or whatever, but I don't see that as... a good thing, kind of? It reminds me, weirdly, of vigilantes and Batman, but Scorpius as Batman is the single most hilarious thing I've thought of all day. BUT I DON'T WANT HIM DEAD! I hope he's not dead. And his relationship with his parent(s) is, as usual with your Scorpii, brilliant. OH! And I like... sauna. Was that the Scorpius/Fauna ship name? Well I do (I adore Fauna. Moar Fauna pls!).

And it would be TERRIBLE of me to ignore talking about Flora because it is her journey I personally am most invested in (that's not sarcasm btw -- Albus is kind of just there for me unless I think he's evil, and Scorpius, as I said, is not my favorite). Flora, again, is so cheery and content to be bewildered by life. It too gets grating, which is why I liked when Scorpius called her out, but never so much that it actively puts me off the fic. She's adorable, she's rather self-aware, she is one of the best-integrated OC Hogwarts students I've seen in a while. She just fits, you know? And every time Albus tries to get ~physical with her, she's not suddenly preoccupied by his six pack or gleaming hazel-green eyes, she's just freaking out, and I love that. You see OC girls 'freaking out' whenever their crush or whatever kisses them or something, but they always get over it and get on with it. I like that Flora seems naive (and I love that she doesn't understand wizarding politics -- not that I condone it -glares like a good history/politics student-) but is very quick to stand up for herself (FRIENDZONE RANT!!!). Yeah basically I adore her.

I'm sorry this review is really weird and manic and I'm really sorry -- but I am really happy to have caught up after, ahem, a year. I'm so proud of you Julia! It's mega mega mega zoomified. But now I feel like I should have just waited until the end so I wouldn't have to wait for updates! D: Sigh. I'll live.


Author's Response: Happy 'that crazy night in skypeland when Julia decided to write a love triangle fic' anniversary! I will admit it is weird stylistically. There are commas and unecessary speech things all over the shop and almost every paragraph starts with 'so' and ends with 'stuff'.


I am 95% sure Albus is not evil (we're talking Mr Burns evil, amirite) but he's certainly not the shiny manic pixie dream boy he purports to be. He's basically just an average bloke with a bit of polish and nice teeth.

YES THANK YOU FOR SAYING THAT I mean, I love writing him, but I don't like this Scorpius either. He rains on every parade. He is the ultimate buzzkill. He is so wrapped up in himself like an origami crane that he doesn't even bother to realise that Flora spends all her time chasing after him and making sure he's alright. SO I LOVE YOU FOR SAYING IT. And yes, plot twist: Scorpius is batman.

On a serious note, I'm so glad you commented on Albus and Scorpius like that. I don't think either of them are that nice, really (but this is coming from the author who knows all about them). Albus has a bit of a hero complex, a smidge of Harry's 'saving people thing' in a world where people don't really need saving...yet. And he's very selective about who he saves. And meanwhile Scorpius is staggering around wailing WOE IS ME and getting into fights for sympathy. They're a pair of gits, if I'm honest.

Haha, thank you for saying that too! Team Flora ftw. Idk, I guess this comes from when I read the Hunger Games - everyone would just ask me 'are you team Peeta or team Gale?' and I'd be like 'er - I'm team Katniss?'. And the thing about Albus getting ~physical, yes. I remember when I read Divergent and there was that passage of Tris facing her fears to become Dauntless, she overcame her fear of physical intimacy (which seemed so randomly placed lolololol) with Four in like, five seconds. That doesn't happen. Trust, my dear OCs, trust~

(Also glaring as a good ex-history student but only pseudo-glaring because I only really pretend to understand politics and parade around like 'yeaah i'm a lefty feminist look at me' but I just regurgitate other peoples' opinions mostly).

Anyway. I'm vair glad you like Flora and are suspish of Albus (the bus of Als) and Scorpius (the Pius

Only three chapters left, so three weeks to go!

Thank you so so so much for your AMAZING review and I love you lots and lots ♥

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