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Review:Gabriella Hunter says:

Its Gabbie here with your requested review! I was really happy to see that you asked for me to review a chapter of your work, not that I wasn't going to read any of your work on my own. Hehehe.
So I win either way. :3
And oh, my goodness. I had to stop myself from bursting into tears from just reading that first paragraph. I do like that you answered that question about where George was at the time when Fred died, it was a plothole in the actual DH story that never got answered. The way that George is depicted just breaks my heart and I sort of had to take a deep breath after reading this line in particular.
"I might have clapped my palm over his mouth--I might have forced that last breath back in" powerful writing in just that sentence.
To be honest, I've never actually written Fred's death in any of my fanfics for sheer fear of firstly, writing it horribly and second, blubbering my way through it. But I think you've tampered with the chaos and grief of the situation wonderfully and there were some eerie moments too. When Lee saved George, he thought of becoming Fred and the way he described himself just gave me the chills. I could really feel his torment and it was such a unique way of playing with his emotions that I was blown away. I'd never read anything like that before, George wanting to be so close to Fred, even in death that he would try to take on his persona. His name. His body. Phew, I had to take a deep breath after that one. :D
Which is such a good thing! I'm all for angst, I adore it and if I can have such a reaction to a story then its sure to become an obsession. :3
Now, Percy saying "Fred is dead" just sort of took the moment to an extra blow and I'm not sure how George is going to come back from that with Lee, knowing he'd lied. Will it be mentioned later? In the heat of the moment, Lee might not say anything and also, can I point out something? Whenever I've been on the forums or whatnot, immediately everyone says, if its the topic, "Poor Fred" and so on and so forth. But I have to wonder, "What about George? What about being called his brother's name?" when Fred was alive and when he's gone, how would you feel? So, I loved that you had that brief confusion with Lee, it just sort of made it all the more tense for me.
Is that awful?
So, that last little bit. I sort of cried, I'll be brave and admit that I did. It was such a horribly sad moment for George and I could visualize everything that you wrote. Through my tears, that is. Hehehe.
I really have no CC's for this either, I thought everything was fantastic! Hopefully, I'll be back to this soon! :D
Thanks for the great read!
Much love,

Author's Response: Aww, Gabbie! Thanks so so so much for this lovely long well-thought out review :D Oh, it's really made my night!

When I was reading Fred's death I kept wondering, "What was George thinking? And where is he, anyway?" JKR NEVER GAVE ANSWERS :( George doesn't ever appear again for the rest of DH...well, there were a couple of mentions of him, duelling and kneeling at Fred's head but that was all. Fred's death really broke me :( but it's George, really, whom I feel for. It's the living, the ones left behind that suffer.

I don't think Lee is going to mention it later, no. He probably confuses the twins all the time...nobody can tell them apart, not even Molly :D And also, George does seem to go off the rails a little (if you ever get to the third chapter you might see...). My plans are for him to become odder and more and more isolated from the world...bahaha I'm evil. This is what I do to characters I adore xD

I didn't mean for any tears! Here! *hands over tissue* But I'm glad you really felt for George. That's what I wanted to do with this chapter: give a glimpse of the awfulness of his situation, of the shock, horror, trauma and unbearable sense of loss he must have felt. Er...without being too melodramatic of course, though I might have failed in this area.

Oh, thank you so so much once again for your fantastic and detailed commentary, Gabbie! I'm so happy you enjoyed this chapter and I do hope you'll be back for more :D


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