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Review:Slide says:
All right, James. You've had your kick up the rear. I've got my coffee. Let's see what you're going to do. This better be good, kiddo.

Ooh. Carla. This is GONNA be good. James' self-reflection on his attitude to women is quite sweet and does help remind us of why he is quite as messed up as he is. Fame would do that to anyone. And I really like the Resolution to do Something but not knowing what it is; it's very Real!

Now, how and why does Carla know to be here, hmm? Or has she just reached her own conclusions and quickly picked up that everything went wrong? Hm. Clearly something is up. Oh, OOOH. 'You don't need me, you just think you do'. That's INTERESTING. And cold but not necessarily untrue. How much has he attached to her the qualities he looks for - her not fawning over him for his fame because she's from a different world - whether or not they're there? There's chemistry, for sure, but... oh, well, this is just interesting. OR she's trying to hold him at arms' length; she's seeming awfully defensive for someone who seems to have gone out of her way to help him.

She's totally dying! *clings to tin-foil hat*

Now it's time for the Daddy talk I've been looking for and this time am not terrified of! And James is right (I hope) to bank on some unconditional parental love. Except Harry's playing it a bit cool. I hope this is just an initial tension, if he keeps this up he'll be losing his moral high ground. Oh, phew. Good Harry, sensible Harry. He's right; in some ways being a Squib is a great thing to happen to Lily, even if she wouldn't choose it herself nor should one wish it upon her. But it means that no matter what she'll never be Just Harry Potter's Kid. And I am beginning to seriously love Harry in this conversation. AND NOW GINNY. I think Ginny is my favourite of your canon characters, she is the most AMAZING mother. She rocks, seriously.

And now I'm back to being so emotional about Harry going to the Falcons games. Then I'll be weird and be happy that you're invoking smell in this scene, because, yes, it's important and connected with MEMORY and... yes. All good. Hurr, legwork.

YAY LILY. YAY HAPPY. OKAY it's time for me to have an incoherent chapter review. BECAUSE LILY AND JAMES ARE HAPPY and this makes me happy. I SUSPECTED it might have been her who went to Carla. LOVE LILY. LOVE ALL OF THE THINGS. LOVE POTTER FAMILY.

I'm going to give up here because I'm becoming incoherent with Squee.

Author's Response: Yeah, James needed to learn that trying to avoid being used and hurt by women wasn't going to work in the long run - aside from becoming a little bit dysfunctional in that respect himself he also hurt a lot of women by acting how he did! But he's making progress, even if he doesn't have a clue what to do next. I'm glad you find him realistic; that's been the hardest challenge in this arc, keeping his actions realistic so that people don't stop empathising with him. At the end of the day, he's just a good egg who's become a little over-paranoid about people's motives and has made a couple of mistakes along the way.

Carlotta ... yeah, that's a tricky one, because obviously the logical thought is that he only likes her BECAUSE she doesn't care about his surname, which is something she herself addressed when things blew up between them. It's going to take a lot for him to convince her that that's not the case - indeed, he needs to settle in his own mind that he's not just interested because of that, although he's obviously gone a long way towards admitting to himself just how he feels about her, so that one shouldn't be too hard. Convincing HER of that will be more of a challenge - and not the only one. I will treat your continuing theory the way you treat mine. KARMA.

This is definitely the Daddy talk you wanted; the one before was just a face-to-face admission of everything that had gone wrong between them, this one attempts to rectify it all. And it pretty much does the job. Harry's a bit quiet at first because while he cares about James, he wants to make sure that James recognises where he's gone wrong. Which, of course, he does. And then Harry realises that he contributed to James' state of mind and the guilt overwhelms him, bless. Lily's situation isn't ideal but Harry HAS prioritised her over his sons, and it's backfired on James.

Ginny is the bee's knees, which is interesting given that it took me a long time to warm to her in the books; I really wasn't a fan of H/G for a long time! But yes, she's one of my own favourites if I do say so myself. And IT'S OKAY I've left you that many incoherent reviews that I'm probably owed one in return, haha. Glad you liked, thanks for reviewing!

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