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Review:water_lily43175 says:
Our updates seem to be spectacularly well-timed at the moment! I enjoy this a lot.

I like the little touch with Tanith and Katie trying their best to get their heads around the Muggle world, and yet not quite getting there. Of course, it would possibly be best to let Harry do the Muggle-related investigating, given that he's probably got the most knowledge of the Muggle world ... but that would be letting him do the fun stuff, and that would get in the way of the girl power. So, Tanith and Katie struggle on!

THIS is how paranoid and thorough I've become with this fic and my theory - the protection spells are compared to the ones the Lions used, THEREFORE the person who set them up is clearly someone who knew about the Lions' protection. Therefore Tom is guilty. THIS IS MY INVESTIGATIONAL PROCESS.

Oho, they've found something. But WHAT? Intrigued. Scene change. I hate you.

Jen being particular about her coffee seems like you projecting again. JUST SAYING. Anyway, I'm a bit concerned about them visiting Lackardy. Because Tom is clearly guilty. And I am clearly paranoid. Reading on ... Jen is confident, and yet Tom is tense. HMM. You observed their body language for a reason, there is always a REASON for these things. My suspicions are heightened further. Not to mention, Tom clearly has strong thoughts on Lackardy deserving punishment - not that Lackardy DOESN'T, but that's the reasoning behind these deaths, so it definitely FITS.

Oho, so THAT'S what was in the post box. That means someone from the Ministry (so Tom basically). I guess that was pretty much the suspicion anyway, but this confirms it.

Whoa. WHOA. Lackardy's dead. Cripes. Jen's GUILTY? Or Tom did it without her NOTICING? Which sounds unlikely. Someone else may have done it, but in the space of half an hour? It's TOO coincidental that Jen and Tom visited the cell when they did; one (or both) of them is involved to some degree here. NOT GOOD.

High clearance rune. Right. This means someone important must have authorised it, for a start. Would Jen be important enough to get hold of one? I expect so... and they planted it when they were in there, and ... someone else Apparated in? Or one of THEM Apparated back in once they'd left with Harry? Either way, it looks bad for both of them. Tanith really has no choice but to pull them both in - my only worry is that they might have left the Ministry or something.

It's just ... Jen has no alibi. None at all. And it's very interesting that it turns out that Katie knew that, all along. But despite that, I just CANNOT believe that she's guilty. It's JEN! Yes, she wants justice as much as the next person, but THIS? It's just not her at all! And yes, that IS a gut feeling, and no, that shouldn't get in the way of the facts ... but I just can't line it up. Tom, yes. But Jen? Bleurgh. And calling in Gabe, too. Oh, TANITH. This really is a horrid state of affairs. They're right; if only they'd investigated Jen's alibi more in the first place...

I know Ignite should come next. But I'm begging, I'm BEGGING, please post the next BTP first! You can't leave me on this note!

Author's Response: 'Sorry', Ignite is already in the queue. You'll just have to have Ignite and like it!!

It would probably make more sense to bring Harry. And he's definitely up to hard work. But Katie isn't hugely clueless, she's just lacking in some personal experience - but TV can only teach one so much! Plus, they get by. Yes, the protection spells are compared to the Lions BUT Katie was the Lions' specialist in protection spells. So she's going to compare this to things she knows. It does, however, match your theory, yes!

Maybe I am projecting about the coffee. Good coffee's important, okay?! And yeah, Tom has issues. But, who wouldn't? Plea bargains and the like are a sticky wicket with justice. Jen doesn't like them, either, she just has to be more pragmatic than Tom. And you're right, it would be a WACKY coincidence for Lackardy to have been murdered in his cell within 30 minutes of their visit. So it definitely implies guilt of one of them. Which, perhaps, is the plan? Though only a narrow range of people could get those runes. And only a narrow range of people could legitimately get the files which were in that post box.

And Jen could be that person. But you're right, it's completely crazy to believe that she could have done it, which is why Katie and Tanith were wholly unprofessional. Tanith knew, deep down, Gabe's alibi was wrong, and Katie ACTUALLY knew it was. But it's Jen Riley - why waste time investigating a dead end when the biggest clue is an incongruity in a lovers' tiff? I'm glad it doesn't come across as completely stupid that Tanith and Katie chose to believe Gabe's lie and that Katie covered for Jen. Because it is unprofessional but at the same time it SHOULD be ridiculous to consider that it's Jen.

BUT they have to now consider it. And this means, if it is her, then there's certainly something unknown going on, below the surface...

...of course, it might not be her. Muwahaha! Thanks for reviewing.

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