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Review:LovlyRita says:
Alright here I am for chapter 14, which I am pretty excited for since its my first real time chapter!! Whoo!

Ah, there's the tachycardia curse! hahaha. Medical authenticity, always close to my heart. lol heart, get it? Moving on...

Hahaha I love this whole bit with the guys in the back of class. The line about Alice and Frank was hilarious. I hate it when guys do that, they all have this secret little joke and then purposefully keep you out of it for their own stupid amusement. Laame. But I thought this was really well done, especially the way Remus kind of played along in almost an exasperated fashion. It really made me laugh, like he's just used to their antics. And then, classic James Potter. I could punch him straight in the face sometimes!

Interesting thoughts on the water egg here, I like the detail that you go into here, with the merpeople and the black lake and all. It's really great :) And the mechanism of action of the potion itself is really interesting as well. I always love hearing how the potions work, and this is a really interesting potion, and I like how you've incorporated a counteracting potion as well. Very interesting.

I could definitely see your Lily as being a healer. Or I guess Lily in general. Maybe the wizarding equivalent of a pharmacist given her penchant for potions. I don't know, but I also understand a lot of her concerns. After all, she is watching her whole world come apart in front of her.

D'awww Sirius and Belle working together, how adorbs are they? I love the bit about her not wanting to cut her nails and having difficulty doing things. As a PT I always have to keep my nails short, and one time I didn't and I left NAIL MARKS in a patient I was doing massage work on. I mean the patient was totally cool with it because she couldn't feel it and the stuff I did was pain relieving but I was still like...crap. :P

SEVERUS MENTION. Now back to your regularly scheduled review.

Ok reading this, since I'm awful at cooking, I can see that I would also be awful at potions. It's ok, I've come to accept that. But the way she describes it, it makes it seem like a thing of beauty, which is really great. Very poetic :) you can tell that she has a passion for it.

Wait, James DECLINES an invitation from Lily for a daty thing? What is he DOING?! Is he CRAZY?! I mean I get that the slug club is not the coolest thing ever but like...seriously? Quidditch stuff? Lame excuse. Like seriously, he's been waiting his entire life for those words to leave her lips. What a jerk. Serious dislike. I don't even care what it's for. Nothing excuses this. *crosses arms and pouts*

Ahhh I figured it was for Remus. Nope, don't care, still doesn't excuse it. *continues pouting.*

Ok so I've just finished the chapter. First of all, You SEE James? You see what happens when you do that to Lily? She asks creepy, Voldemorty Alrek instead. Ugh. So mad at him right now! don't even care if it was for his friends and their relationship, don't even care.

But it's so sad about his owl. And a letter from Petunia! What on earth could that be about! Cliffie! I can't wait to see what's next! Once again you've written a beautiful chapter and even though I'm mad at James (I don't know, maybe I just have it out for him today) I still really enjoyed it! I thought it was a great job and I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Hi. I yell at you for taking forever to respond now look at me... :P

Hahahah you wouldn't be awful at potions! Just don't tell Lily you're bad at cooking, she'll lecture you the same way Adrianna lectured her on needing to learn the art of simpler things and not ignore them just because she'll be able to fling a wand around. Which is now an in my head one shot.. hmmm.. your reviews clearly inspire me! Haha

Your pouting is my favoriteee. Hahaha. Poor James, he's going to be terrified of you and your crossed arm pouty glances by the end of this!

So, the entire part about Alrek is something I added very last minute.. like when I had this up on the page ready to post. I had him just refusing to go because of his friends and Dan wasn't thrilled with it, but it was the best i could get. THEN BAM! Alrek! Alrek is always there when things get sticky, so I figured he'd fit in well now :P

Ummm I love you and your reviews to tiny little pieces. Almost as much as I love my fictitious 100 dollar Sephora card :P ♥

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