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Review:FredWeasleyIsMyKing says:
I was looking for a Remus/Tonks story and stumbled across this and I must say I was blown away! I absolutely adored this piece.

Throughout the whole thing I loved the first person view. Tonks was hilarious and had me laughing at numerous bits. I really liked the part where she questioned the different people she could be - the sentence about Bellatrix was particularly moving. I thought the comparison of her changing personality to her appearance was really clever and I loved it. While the idea about being able to change your appearance at will sounds good I think you have to be a pretty confident person to be able to handle it. If you had low self-confidence how would you ever be satisfied?

I thought you made a great job of all the characters and their relationships with each other. Molly Weasley to me was spot on with her motherly nature toward Tonks. I liked how you got in the line about never crossing her - Bellatrix obviously learnt that the hard way!

I also love the idea of Charlie and Tonks being in a relationship before and the parts where she brings it up are so funny to read. The bit about her still wanting to have Charlie but then after being in bed with her best friend was a nice touch.

You made a really good job of talking about her relationship with Sirius too, making it really funny whilst almost making it seem like a passing comment too. It was great to read. I like the idea that they made up for lost time as both hated that side of their family. When she 'took him out for a walk' though and he picked out the page 3 girls to the unsuspecting Muggles then Tonks mimicking Snape just had me in stitches; just a shame I didn't have the Tergeo spell myself...

I thought the way you built up to the point where she goes after Remus in the Shrieking Shack was full of detail and not rushed at all. I felt as though I was going along with her and feeling all her emotions too. Then your description of the wolf was just amazing. You captured just enough Remus while also keeping him and the wolf still separate and kept it up the whole way through, it was honestly just so great to read! The part where Tonks whispers as she thinks Remus won't here really made me smile. I liked how you brought all the emotions the wolf couldn't openly display, like laughing, into it through his eyes. Eyes always give true emotion away and it made what you were writing believable.

Again, I really have to commend you for the pace and level of detail you put in. Making the wolf thrash about and injure himself really made it hit home that this was Remus, beating himself up as always. I liked the part you added in about Tonks knowing a bit of what happens from Sirius, it would give her a great starting point on handling the situation.

I know you said that a lot of people don't agree with animal transfiguration in fanfic but I didn't see a problem with it at all. I'm sure Tonks changes her nose into a pig nose as well as other things so why not go all the way? Okay, so you did take it much further but I believed everything I was reading. It didnít just happen all in one go, she had to do each bit carefully and bit by bit. I think it was such a great idea and you wrote it beautifully, my heart went out to her when she was in pain from rearranging her spine and so on. I think it was right that it hurt her like hell though and I think it was great that you gave every bit of detail and didn't hold anything back. It would give Remus a clear message that she was deadly serious about them. Straight away though you then went and put in the humour where she's worried about what kind of greeting he may be expecting. You got the balance spot on.

The next section was just so sweet and lovely. He accepted her wolf form and then waited for her and they shared a perfect night. I just loved every second - it was so amazing. Can I keep him as a pet too? Then frolicking about in the woods together - gah - this just had to happen. In my head this definitely happened on more than one occasion!

So yeah - I love this story if you hadn't already got that from my comments so far. I particularly enjoyed little comments you made about the seven Defence Against the Dark Arts teachers and Remus being a masochist. Reading bits like that always make me smile. Everything just fit together perfectly throughout the whole thing.

I will be checking out your other stories too - this was amazing! Sorry about the long review by the way - I got a bit carried away.


Author's Response: Wow! I have to say that I'm more than a little intimidated by the length of this review. In a really good way, of course. It's so awesome that I'm worried that I'll never be able to do it justice with my response. Here goes...

This was the first time I ever wrote anything in the first person PoV. I really like how it turned out, but it was a lot harder than I was expecting. I kept slipping into third person and then having to go back and fix it. It was worth it, though, I think. Tonks is such an interesting character and she barely gets any attention in the books. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring her thoughts and feelings.

Molly was easier to write than I thought she might be. I've seen the idea of Tonks and Charlie being a couple while they were in school in a few good stories. It isn't canon, but I think it's "fanon" for a lot of folks. Personally, I love the idea, so I'm really glad it worked for you. If you've seen Jami's story Hazardous, you know how much I like them together.

To me, I think Tonks and Sirius did share a bond of being part of a family that loathed them and that they loathed in turn. They also had a fairly irreverent approach to life. I think they would have gotten along fabulously. We could all use a little Tergeo from time to time. ;)

I didn't start out intending for the build-up to her encounter with the wolf to take quite so long, but I had all of these awesome "Tonks thoughts" in my head and I wanted to have a chance to use them all. So the walk from the Three Broomsticks to the shack got a bit longer. ;) I'm glad it didn't drag.

Tonks's ability to change herself into a werewolf is one of those things that you either like or you don't I guess. So far I haven't had any reviewers who really didn't like it. Then again, maybe those folks just didn't bother to review. It could be self-selecting that way. Regardless, I'm glad that you liked the transformation. I didn't want it to seem easy, either in terms of time or the pain involved. I wanted to emphasize just how much Tonks is putting herself through to share this with Remus.

I wish we all could have a pet Remus. Partly because that would mean he wasn't dead. :-/ I'm now at a point where I'm pretty sure it happened, too.

Good stories are all about the little things, so I'm pleased as can be that you liked them all.

Thank you so much for this long, lovely, detailed and all-around fantastic review. It absolutely made my day!

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