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Review:Remus says:
You're my first review of the year! Yay! :D I'm off to a good start, I think! :D

I absolute love the idea of the Memory Chamber. I often wondered if pensives were used for a trails but then I began to question on the 'how' behind it. I hope JKR has something like this in the 'extra' parts she's written and make it canon. If not, then 1) she's missing out in a great idea and 2) this will just become my head canon and there's no one that will stop me.

Your Greyback is fantastic. Its like he knows he's playing a game of chess and is very cautiously planning all of his moves ahead of time, however, he doesn't know Hermione very well. When he told Albus to tell Harry 'hi' I felt the idea was rather chilling but nicely written.

"Something seemed to be stirring inside him, just below the placid surface of his composure" --that is a scary thing when it comes to werewolves. Part of me is sure that the images are stirring his wolf up...but then again I'm really trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. That he just feels remorseful of what he's done in the past.

As I was reading this, I was like everyone else in the room...transfixed on the memory. So Greyback's attack took me by a total surprise. Great job on that part! :D Even though I know what is going to happen in the Duel with Voldemort...I still found myself holding my own breath. When Greyback attacked though, I was brought back to the real story I was reading and knew that his werewolf got the better of him. Now I have to ask...was he faking it the whole time or was the werewolf unchained when he saw the images of carnage? The actions scenes were, as always, fantastic! I was afraid he was seriously going to bite Albus! :O

Your Seamus reminds me of the bitter Seamus from Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness. The anger he feels, the hatred...I really like him though. And you killed poor Lavender Brown! :( She wasn't one of my favorites but I still hold on to hope that she survived the attack...but after further research I know I shouldn't. Only Pottermore will give me the straight answer because I wasn't able to find that interview.

Anyway, overall this was a great chapter. You got me a bit teary eyed towards the end.

Great story though! :D


Author's Response: Hello, dear, and Happy New Year!

The memory chamber solved the rather onerous problem of how I was going to have a significant fraction of the Wizengamot all line up and lean into a pensieve. Given the obvious value of memory evidence, it seemed very likely that wizards would have devised a way for large numbers of people to view one simultaneously. And you're correct: nobody can stop you.

Greyback is very devious. He knows what he wants and he has a plan to get it. What he doesn't count on is Hermione appealing to his bloodlust. As to whether he's genuinely remorseful or it's just an act, I sort of leave that for the reader to decide. I know what I think, of course. ;)

It was pretty easy to fall into the moment of reliving the final confrontation between the Order and the Death Eaters, Harry and Voldemort. To wit, the scene was originally much longer and I pared it back quite a bit.

Seamus from YoD is pretty much exactly what I was going for here, except without the weird thing with the runes. As far as Lavender goes, I believe it's quasi-canon -- a JKR interview exists somewhere -- that she perished from her injuries suffered in the battle.

As always, apologies for making you tear up, but it's nice to know that you connected with the characters in the story.

Thanks so much for sharing your new year with me, and thanks for reading and reviewing!

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