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Review:Hippothestrowl says:
Firstly, let me say I'm pleased to hear you mention in a previous response there may be some Hogwarts time. I feel more at home there (even though some of my fics have travelled to other locations.)

I like the creaking step. I hate it when someone just turns up by amazing coincidence without a good explanation so this seemed very reasonable. Ginny would mostly be thinking of Harry quite naturally and keyed up to this opportunity if she was awake (maybe even if she was half-asleep!)

The manor scenario worked OK and was readable for me even though not a big WOW factor. I wouldn't want to read it twice though - big house and erm... an elf... in a big house. But I didn't skip anything. Promise.

One thing puzzles me. The doorknob thing is not what I expected. I thought it would be more independent like a portkey. So where's the security? I mean, what happened when Mrs Weasley went to get the bacon out of her pantry that morning. Didn't she say to herself, "Funny, don't remember my pantry being this big?" It can't be Potter only - or Potter with guest(s) because they all came through later with the elf. And suppose Scrimgeour or somebody pops in via the floo network into the Burrow while they're gone? Or Mundungus Fletcher? When they get back they may find all the silver gone.

Anyway, your Burrow kitchen is like my concept - back door, pantry door, door to living room (which I call parlour in my fics as it's more old-fashioned.) Sometimes I visualise a hallway with foot of the stairs in between kitchen and parlour. Funny that.

Author's Response: Yes, They will be returning to Hogwarts.
Hmm.. seems you are a tough one. I will have to eventually come up with an amazing twist or something to really get you engaged. Still, I love that you are reading the story.
Forgive me but I truly enjoy the irony of your asking me a question about a detail that was only implied. Okay, I am not asking you to go back and reread or anything, but, right before Harry and Ginny stepped through the door, while it was active and full of ribbons of light, Harry removed the Portis Omnibus and put it in his robe pocket. When they were in the new space and the door shut, there was no light effect, the implication being that the portal was no longer active. The entry security is handled by the combination or turns of the nob, which Harry got from the poem, and since he kept the knob with him, there was no risk of anyone accidentally finding an active portal.
Now, to the issue of Molly going in to the pantry. Well, this is really the missing detail, because there is no mention that she found the wooden nob sitting on the counter where Harry had left it. I did almost write this, but ultimately it is a very minor thing and I thought no one would notice. In fact, you are the first to notice, or at least to say anything. My own explanation for this omission is that The Burrow is not in the best condition, and the nob probably comes off on a fairly frequent basis, so Molly did in fact find the nob when she got up to start breakfast, but she just thought nothing of it. Simple I know, but it didn't seem worth a couple extra paragraphs at the time to explain.
Obviously then, when Jarvy returns to the Manor and brings the others he has the Portis Omnibus from Harry, but this detail also seemed hardy worth the words required to explain it.
The floo network is another discussion entirely. It is sort of a pet peeve of mine that JKR never defined it further. I have always imagined that there must be some way that a floo traveler can announce or even request to uses a private floo prior to travel and or arrival. And there must be some way to lock your private floo to prevent unwelcome arrivals, for the very reasons of the example you give. In my other story, (which I am not suggesting you read as I doubt you would be interested) I have the floo as lockable. Of course this creates some problems with canon. In CS when Harry arrives at Borgin and Burkes via floo I always assumed that Harry arrived at the nearest unlocked grate closest to his intended destination. But, this is just my assumption as the information in canon is not specific. His mispronunciation of "Diagon Alley" was clearly enough to prevent a solid floo journey to his intended destination, but it was not sufficiently like "Borgin and Burkes" to send him directly there without it being some sort of proximity. Anyway that is my take.
I do hope that answers your question.
I am pleased that we have a similar take on the The Burrow kitchen. Every once in a while I get so involved that I will actually draw out a floor plan of a structure I am writing about, but I have not yet done that for any of the structures in this story. I have come close for both the Burrow and the Manor, but no blueprints yet.
Well, anyway, thank you for reading and commenting, and as always happy reading.

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