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Review:water_lily43175 says:

Light fixtures. That makes me think - surely candles and lanterns can't be the ONLY forms of artificial light in the wizarding world? So do they have electricity anywhere? Hmm, ponder time.

Bahaha, I just had an image of someone living in a pillar box. This amuses me a lot. Nevertheless it's intriguing. A muggle-born presumably, but why use a PO box? Hmm. This is beginning to throw my crackpot theory of it being Tom out of the water, which I Do Not Like.

Unless she's his girlfriend or something.

Or it's him under a different name.


Haha, I love that Tanith and Katie punish Harry and Ron for their Jen investigation by not letting them do the exciting investigating. Girl power!

OHO, here we go. Cal visiting Nat! In Paree, eh? The city of lurve. I love how he's clearly over-thought what he's wearing. He doesn't want to seem anything more than casual while he's Portkeying to a hotel in a different country to see his ex-girlfriend, NO BIGGIE.

Green hair? Nice touch.

Right, here we go. Time for Cal to have the sense knocked into him, and for him to LISTEN to it. And I utterly love Nat, because she knows when to talk and when to listen, and when she listens she DOES actually listen, and she doesn't judge, and is basically the complete opposite of the rest of Cal's friends. It will be a shame if they're not able to remain friends because he needs her around for that.

And of course she can pinpoint the issue when nobody else can. He thinks he SHOULD see Thanatos, and that's where the problem lies. And of course, he shouldn't think that at all, which I've near enough said; his best move is to walk well away and stop thinking of Thanatos as his father, because that's the only thing he deserves. And anything else would be a bad move for Cal. So, he may not KNOW whether he wants to keep it up or not, but at least he's settled what question he should be asking in the first place.

And then the kissy happens. Bless them. Survive a war, only to trip up when real life turns up. Because ... they both value their career over each other, it would seem. Or, rather, their careers aren't those which lend themselves to spending time with a significant other. In fact, it all seems quite similar to Tanith and Tobias' problem, just magnified by the whole issue of foreign countries.

And he went back. Oh, this pleases me in the sense that I'm still shipping them big style. I can't see this doing them any good, in the sense that I doubt they'll get back together, but ... eh. Is there much harm in it?

Knowing you, there probably is.

Oho. OHO. The man takes something from the box! Hm. Something is happening here! I'm really concerned about my theory now, it looks to be dying a death! Nevertheless, are we making developments here? Oh, Tanith, you and your stand of postcards. Intrigued, very intrigued! MORE PLEASE.

Author's Response: I considered it might be spoileriffic to have Nat for the Chapter image - but I thought the teasing for readers would be more fun. Plus she doesn't get one otherwise!
Logically, yes, a muggle-born would be the one to use the muggle post to get what they want, though if a wizard with reasonable knowledge of muggles wanted to be discreet... as becomes evident, the wizarding world is not so hot about understanding and intercepting muggle ways of life! Good way to operate under the radar. The name is NOT Tom's quite, but... who knows. ;) Tanith and Katie on the case, 'cos screw the boys.

Nat is great. I always forget how great she is (for she's very different by Ignite!). She knows how to listen, she knows how people can be silly and what's right and wrong but she doesn't judge them. So she cuts to the heart of matters. And yes, an entanglement was inevitable. These guys were the Dark Side of the problems faced by Tanith and Tobias, only their dreams and their relationship were absolutely mutually exclusive. One of them would have to give up on what they wanted to do in their life to be with the other. Nat would have to work in England instead of racing around the world, or Cal would have to follow her and give up Quidditch. They both know this, so - is there harm in one fling? Perhaps emotionally, perhaps it just makes it harder. Perhaps it's worth it!

Your theory is... suffering a little. But we are finally making leaps and bounds in plot. It doesn't calm down from here on!

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