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Review:megthechef43 says:
Dark Whisper,

I'm so upset. I wrote out a review already and something messed up and I lost it!! I hate it when that happens. Okay, so now on to the review.

I loved this chapter. There is so much going on in this chapter and the backstory really shown through and Draco is becoming more "human" with each passing chapter. You know I love Draco but you are taking the mean Draco from JK's story and giving us good reason for his acts. I love seeing him evolve into so much more.

The description in this chapter was stunning!! I think the argument between Draco and his father was perfectly choreographed. It was great at depicting the character of both men. Lucius is so cold and calculating and only out to save his own skin and he will manipulate Draco in anyway to get what he wants. Draco has a soft spot for his mother and by extension his father. It awesome to see Draco's judgement on his father becoming what it should be. Lucius is a horrible monster and is a cold blooded killer and is trying to turn Draco that way too. I hope he doesn't succeed!

I following conversation with his mother was very revealing too. I'm glad we finally got the story on the scars on Draco's back and why he got into fight with his father that time. Though I don't think it takes much to blow Lucius's fuse.

I think my favorite part of the whole chapter was Draco and Goyle's conversation on love. I've always disliked both Crabbe and Goyle but you have a way with making a 2d character become 3d. I found myself feeling sorry for Goyle and wishing one of the Slytherin girls would pay attention to him. It was such an "Awe" moment when Draco was describing love to Goyle while he was thinking of Hermione and all that she had said to him.

I can't wait to read the next chapter. I hope Hermione takes what he has to say in a good way because I think this is a pivotal moment for Draco and how he will turn out in the end.

I'm so ready to read more because I want to know where you are going with this. I wonder if you are going to stick to canon with Draco or go ooc. I can't wait!! 10/10 again.

Until next time...


PS. I'm sorry to hear of the losses you have had this year. I hope this coming year is better.

Author's Response: Meg,
Oh, that has happened to me too and I hate that. I end up having it all perfect and then I forgot what I said. Grr. Oh, well, it happens. ;) But thanks for writing two reviews for this chapter! That is dedication. LOL!

I'm sure that I'm making Draco a bit too perfect. I just cannot help myself. This is the way that I see him, becoming mature and being forced to grow up too fast and not be a child anymore. He greatly ponders everything. He is patient, fearful, and thinks on his life and possible death. He does not want to be remembered as the bully of Hogwarts. Everything has changed, and it has changed him. In my eyes, for the better.

On the conversation between Lucius and Draco, I am so happy that you liked it. Lucius truly is calculating and cold, but he does not want his family to die. And to that, he wants Draco to complete his dark task and get it over with. I think he is a bit delusional in thinking that all will be fine. It clearly does not ever get better for them as we see in DH1. I think Lucius giving his twisted encouragement has opened Draco's eyes even more and it does not sit well at all.

I hope the scars on his back was not too cheesy. I am desperately trying to keep it from becoming dairy. : ) I am hoping people didn't roll their eyes and say "please, really?" LOL! Oh, well, I guess. *shrugs* It actually has something to do with the book of poems.

Goyle was my favorite part too. : ) I have no idea why I want the bad ones to crave love. I guess it is the hopeless romantic in me that wants to believe that just the mere thought of love can change people and have them crave it, the hardest of men can be melted into a pot of nothing. I have my plans for him, all in due time. ;)

This next chapter... huh, "pivotal moment" indeed! So much is riding on this chapter, I had to step away from this story for awhile and really think about what it is that needs to happen and just how it is going to come about. I have the end down. It is the beginning I am having trouble with. I will admit to struggling with it. This one is probably the hardest that I have written. It is so very important to get exactly right as this will be their LAST conversation face to face in a long, long while. This is it! And it has to be perfect or I will never write again! LOL! The pressure I am putting on myself is causing me to block. That dreaded W.B. thing that every author cringes upon hearing. Gah!

Thank you so much for your generous ten and for your condolences once more. Your reviews, oh, your reviews, always render me speechless.

Thanks so much, Meg.
Dark Whisper

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