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Review:Slide says:
Starting off with the most adorable callback: that knitted jumper from Mrs Weasley. I find it impossible to believe Molly didn't know the significance of what she was doing, or at least didn't have a good guess, and that makes it such an awesomely heartwarming thing.

Organising Christmas for a family as big as the Weasley-Potter brood does sound next to impossible, mind. So, is it Rose or Hugo who's got a birthday on Christmas or Boxing Day?

Hee, little James being so JAMES already. "He's fine, I'm hungry". You little tyke. And good, it's about time Harry explains the Severus name! Because! Well, we've talked about this. *sips coffee and kicks back for Harry-logic*

"You named me after a DEATH EATER?" A very, very, very good question, Al. Okay, yes, Snape making the deal with Voldemort meant that Lily got to CHOOSE to sacrifice herself but... but... Okay, I have Snape-related problems. This is explained as well as it can be, I just can't get past my own "Snape is still a BAD MAN" hangups. It's very apt for Harry to look at it this way, mind!

And, yes, naming Albus after Dumbledore is a good choice, and it's good that Al knows the good and bad about Dumbledore too! But take Dumbledore as the footsteps (hopefully slightly less manipulative footsteps) to follow. Not Snape.

Hee, so glad to see this Scorpius is a little pain in the rear, too. Draco was a bad man to name his son 'Scorpius Hyperion'.

This was a very sweet little piece. My own Snape-related hangups aside, it does lovely work in tying together the family, Harry and Albus, in giving us a slightly more genuine 'stroppy kid' perspective onto figure we met in the epilogue, and in, as the title, goes, Educating Albus.

I just don't like Snape. ;)

Author's Response: I love the Weasley jumpers, which is why James remembers all of his in Rails! Molly TOTALLY knew what she was doing, at least in that she knew that Harry wasn't going to get any presents from family and wanted him to have one. It's one of so many reasons why I love the Weasley family so much!

Whose birthday is Christmas time? It's, ahem, it's Rose's. Clearly. I didn't forget to check out birthdays before deciding that Hermione going into labour would be an entertaining Christmas time diversion, no, not me!

James at this age was an utter joy to write! Even if he does seem utterly uncaring.

We have, indeed, talked about this Snape issue. It can't be easy for Albus to be named after him! I think Harry would be keen to put as positive a spin as possible on Snape, while still emphasising that what he did was BAD. Because more than anything else, he kind of owes it to his kid to give him a nice(ish) account of the guy he named his son after. It still strikes me as odd that he named Albus like he did! I mean, Dumbledore, fair enough, but at least make it the poor kid's middle name! Or name him Brian or something. But I figured I'd give it a go rationalising why Harry did what he did.

Scorpius is a total pain in the rear. It's okay, Al gets his own back in time with Bulbadox Powder.

I'm glad you liked this, especially given your Snape hate! I wasn't sure that I was going to post it here at first, but figured I may as well. It was nice to write about a Potter family who actually TALK to each other, which has become a bit of a novel concept in Rails. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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