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Review:the_cauliflower_in_neverland says:
Hi! So basically, I'm here because one of my new year's resolutions was to do something nice for someone every day, and since I'm not great with real life people I have decided that it would probably be easier doing this over the internet. So, on day one, I decided that I would head on back to HPFF and find a really unappreciated story which doesn't get enough credit for how good it is and tell the author why they deserve so much more praise than they get! I decided that today's category would be Remus/Tonks stories and I stumbled across yours quite quickly.
In short, it's gorgeous. I haven't read such a cute, lovely, fluffy story in so long and this is so perfect. I mean wow, that was really, really sweet. I am literally cuddling a cushion right now because that was just so lovely and fluffy and perfect!
Ok, fangirling over, moving on to some actual technical writing stuff; I love your style. It's very down to earth, nothing floral or pretentious or fancy, you just tell the story and give us all the emotions and details we need with just the right words. It's the perfect balance between great descriptions and an excellent use of the English language and the plot and characters just doing what they need to in order to entertain us. And your style is actually very amusing. The humour, when it appears, is subtle and dry and usually in the form of understatement, which suits the mood of the piece perfectly and just brings that extra bit of glitter to it, if you know what I mean, it's the metaphorical hundreds and thousands ont he top of the fairy cake! I adored awkward, insecure Remus at the start, and the mirror which talked was perfect for the dry, understated humour I mentioned earlier and also gave Remus something to bounce his thoughts back off, which separated up what would have otherwise been a massive block of text. Basically, whether you meant it to work in the ways it did or not, it's a great addition to the story and it works, so well done! I also adored how much of the wizarding worl yo brought into this, because I so often find myself groaning at the screen after reading yet another fic that had nothing to do with the Potterverse at all and could well have been an original story instead! I don't know if you ever feel the same, but you've certainly done a favour for those of us who do! I hugely admire the way you brought Remus's lycanthropy into the equation in a way that added to the plot and made the story more interesting instead of simply appearing to be some kind of annoying tag along which you just can't get rid of! And the whole smoking bag incident with Weasley's Wizard WHeezes was perfect because it gave us links back to the main story, which we know so well, as well as building on the idea of your characters as flawed human beings who are embarassed from time to time! Basically, I love that when I'm reading this story, it really feels like I'm reading a misisng moment from the actual Potter books, rather than something that is seperate and distant from them. And thank you so much for the line about Harry Potter and 'Expelliarmus', that really made me grin!
Another thing I have to praise you on is your impeccable grammar, it make such a nice change to read something that has been properly edited and doesn't have horrid typos and grammatical errors that detract from what I'm reading!
Thank you for writing this and putting it out in the world because I know it's weird and frightening, it really brightened my evening (night now really!) and keep on writing, if I see anything of yours again, I'll pop back to have a look!
-Livi x

Author's Response: I know it's taken me simply ages to reply to this review, but that's could I've basically just been bowled over by the awesomeness of it! Seriously- every time I read it I end up smiling like some kind of clown :P Your New Year's Resolution sounds pretty awesome to me :)

I was given Remus/Tonks as a pairing from the challenge this was written for- they're not a couple I've thought about overmuch before so it was interesting trying to get into Lupin's head for an evening!

It's so wonderful, because a lot of the stuff you've picked up on is exactly the kind of stuff I was trying to do when I wrote this- the kind of dry humour, and the believability of the characters. This is actually one of my stories which I'm least confident about, so to have all your lovely words is so encouraging and makes me so happy! Humour isn't something I've attempted so much before, so it's fantastic to hear that it came off alright!

Haha you're a very perceptive reader :P you picked up on the exact purpose of the mirror, and the inclusion of typically wizarding world-y items is something I try really hard to do. Like you, I think that it's always good to incoporate proper JKR style magic into stories! :)

I can't say how pleased it makes me to hear that this brightened up an evening for you- this review has certainly brightened up a few evenings for me! Thankyou so SO much for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. It means so much.

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