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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:
I'm with you on this one - until JKR disproves it, I don't see how it's impossible. After all, if Tonks could turn her nose into a pig's snout or a beak, why shouldn't she be able to do that with the rest of her body, as well? Thinking about Metamorphs is really fascinating; if you think about it, Tonks would never have to age. So even if she and Remus both survived, she would probably be forever young and pristine while he was perpetually looking even older than he really was.

Remus/Tonks is one of my OTPs, second only to Hermione/Ron. I love everything about the ship. So it was nothing short of an absolute delight to read this, and it did not at all feel like a 9000-word story. It flew by so quickly!

You had me laughing out loud so many times. Tonk's narration is one of the most amusing narrations I've ever had the pleasure of reading. I'm sorry to regurgitate your writing back at you, but I have no choice but to go over some of my favorite parts:

He was special to me because I finally met somebody from my mother's family who wasn't a raving pureblood nutter.
- I have never thought about this. What a good point! Her mother's side of the family is so wrapped in malevolence and mystery that you'd have to be curious about them, and certainly resent them at points. To be able to hang out with one of them who was normal - not just normal but also a hero, someone to admire and who is one of the only Blacks who redeems his name - would be such a wonderful experience. I'm sorry she lost that, but happy she got to at least meet him and get to know him before his death.

All I can do in response is make a noise that probably sounds like a twelve-year-old girl squealing at a concert while her best friend tries to choke her to death.
- Okay at this part I laughed so loud that my little one came up and asked me 'what was so funny' and I really didn't know what to say. So after she went away I was just left sitting here snorting to myself.

This will really come in handy if I ever decide to leave the magical world behind and run off to join the circus.
- Tonks is so hilarious, omg! Her thoughts about everything reminds me of a child sometimes, in the way she jumps from one thing to another, all excited. I can feel her energy just by seeing her thought process. Especially her tipsy thought process. Seriously entertaining keeping Remus as a pet, and I seriously just want to sit down on my haunches and scratch myself all over right now. I'm so impressed by your versatility. You can do every single genre flawlessly - angst, humor, romance, action. It's not even fair.

I love the acoustics of this nose. I'll have to remember it the next time I want to scare the pants off of Fred and George in the basement of Grimmauld Place.

I think he's got Charlie beat in more than just age and height. I wish I could keep the devilish little grin off of my face. No I don't.

Endlessly amusing. Every time I a smile faded from my face and things were starting to look serious, Tonks's thoughts took a funny turn again and I was laughing all over. Brilliant, brilliant story. One of these days I need to check out "His Pack of Four", because if it inspired this then it must be pretty good.

Thank you, once again, for participating in my challenge!

Author's Response: Hello, hello!

Maybe someday something on Pottermore or -- dare we dream -- another book will come along and disprove my theory, but for now I'm sticking with it. For all the reasons you list and then some, I think it should be possible.

I'm really glad that the story didn't drag for you. Considering the length, that was a major concern of mine.

You know -- and believe me, this is strange considering that I'm a guy -- I really enjoyed writing this all from Tonks's point of view. This story was my first dalliance with the first-person narrative style and I it was a lot of fun. The only tough part was that I kept slipping back into third person and then having to go back and correct myself.

So I take it you have some experience with 12-year-old girls squealing at concerts? Were you the choker or the chokee?

Some people don't like reviews that include a lot of quotations from the story. Me? I love it. It's so interesting to me to see which lines caught people's attention. Thanks for that!

His Pack of Four is definitely worth your time. I've really enjoying beta reading for that one.

For the final time, thank you so much for organizing such a fun and rewarding challenge. It was awesome to be a part of. And thanks for reading and reviewing!

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