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Review:Secret Santa says:
Dear Yoshi_Kitten,

Another fabulous chapter my dear! After all the Percy-meddling in the last chapter you made a fantastic job of displaying the repercussions in this one!

Have I mentioned I hate Percy? I love to hate him but hate none the less, I look forward to reading him get his comeuppance for all the crap he's currently giving out!! You write it fantastically though!

I both loved and hated the conversation between Draco and Roxi. I loved it becuse I thought you wrote it perfectly and everything they said was just great. My favourite bit was when he told her she couldn't take him back t me meet her father and the only thing she picked up on was that he'd thought about meeting her father. that was such a girl-in-love thing and made me smile so much!! On the other hand it did make me grumpy as, as I have previously said, you have made me such a HUGE fan of this ship that I just want them to be together and be happy and not in Voldemorts dungeon and for Draco to be able to walk (seriously I couldn't believe it when I read that bit) and gah just everything.You're really killing me that they haven't had their chance yet. I will try and wait patiently though to enjoy droxi goodness!

I was so happy Lucius tried to help Draco/Roxi instead of it being Percy! I thought he was really sweet been as it's pretty much his fault Draco is having such a hard time dealing with his relationship. I really did love this bit!

Gah - Voldemort. I thought you made an excellent job of him in this chapter. It was really freaky when he asked her to join the death eaters and she didn't out right say no this chapter - I was seriously worried for a minute there. I REALLY hope she doesn't go that way and her and Draco can make it up before it comes to that. Again - have I mentioned I hate Percy been as this is all his fault.

Sorry to point this out again but this chapter has a few spelling mistakes and the like again, I know you said this chapter hadn't been beta-d yet though. There was a whole section though where I think you haven't added Dracos lines in and I was seriously gutted - it was a key and really interesting part t the conversation -

'You are unbelievable, you know that,' she shrieked. 'I mean, do you really not love me?'

Roxi cut him off. 'Then say it!'

'If you really love me, then say it,' she demanded of him.

Anyway, hopefully speaking with your beta should sort those little niggles out.

Well done on another cracking chapter though - I'm seriously hooked on this story - I'm so glad I'm your secret santa!!

Love from,
Secret Santa x

Author's Response: OMGosh, now I really can't wait to find out who this is cuz you are officially my new best friend, lol!! SOO happy that I have converted you to the Droxi ship!! Honestly, I feel like this could be the start to a new and beautiful friendship, haha!! ;)

No need to be sorry hun, it's fine to point things like that out. I will definitely look into that one asap tho because sometimes the HPFF story editor thingamajig cuts lines out like that. I don't know why it does that, but I do know that this isn't the first time it's happened. I usually catch it before now, so I can't believe that this one got missed... Yeah, I am looking over it right now and you're right; there is a HUGE chunk of that conversation missing!! I wonder why it only cut out Draco's lines like that?? That is so weird, I will be looking into that as soon as possible now, and I can even PM you the full conversation once identities are revealed if you'd like... Sorry about that! 0_o'

All the confusion aside tho, I couldn't help but to Lol at this review when I read it this morning. I really love your reactions to Percy especially. People really do hate him, and I think it's great, lol!! What a way to start out the 2013 year, this has seriously just made my day! Thank you so, SO MUCH my dear!! I can't wait to add you as a friend, it I don't know you already. I'm so glad that you were my Santa too, haha!! You are seriously, like, THE BEST Secret Santa ever, haha!! Happy New Years hun!! =D

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