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Review:mirasoul says:
Hi! Mirasoul from the forums with your requested review. :)

I actually saw this story when I was looking through new one-shots and made a mental note to read it later one, but as mental notes tend to do in my head, it got lost amid chaos. I'm glad you requested it or I sadly never would've gotten around to it otherwise!

This intrigued me. In the books and movies, Filch is usually only used for comic relief, always being bested by Peeves or chasing after the trio with Mrs. Norris. You made him sympathetic. You made him human. I think my favorite thing about this one-shot is how you took pretty much every bit of information Rowling has provided us about the man and just ran with it. Harry and Ron discover his Kwikspell envelope in CoS? You explain his parents' disappointment in him and his longing to not just be on the outskirts of the wizarding world. He's got write-ups on the Marauders and the twins tell Harry how they nicked the map from his office? You put in Filch's first encounter with the infamous foursome. Harry and Hermione bicker about a rumored illicit affair between Filch and Pince in HBP? You introduce their initial flirtation. HP readers wonder why on earth such a vile old man would be working in a place full of mischievous children? You let us know that it's because of his love for magic...and the librarian who shares his loathing for minors. I feel as if you've tied all the strings concerning Argus Filch together, consequently transforming him into a real person rather than someone just there to laugh at. It's a difficult feat only accomplished by those who care enough to actually pay attention to lesser characters, which is a trait I highly admire and think you pulled off brilliantly. I love Rowling's minor characters but I don't often find fics about them that actually do them the justice they deserve. You're on my good list.

I do admit that the plot seems a tad slow and unfinished, but I gather that you meant it to be that way. It's more of a...drabble, rather than an actual story. A snapshot into Filch's life before we knew him. I like that thought. If has room for development if you're considering turning it into a short story as the other reviews suggest, but honestly I feel as if writing more would actually kind of ruin it. We don't know the man's whole story, but thanks to you, we know enough.

I suppose I don't have much criticism for it. It's great. If you do decide to write more, I would suggest turning it into something of a peek into big moments in Filch's life--when he confiscates the map from the Marauders, when the twins pull their first prank in Hogwarts, when he finally snags Pince...Making it into a continuous story would, I think, only drag it down. All of this is just a suggestion, though. It can stand alone as is.

Once again, I'm glad you requested this review. How else would I know how Mrs. Norris got her name? ;)

Author's Response: Hello, and thanks for coming by!

Wow, I'm really glad you liked the characterization here! I love minor characters, and I love the challenge of trying to tie in what little we know about them from canon with what I've come up with for my stories. Here, I wanted to try to provide some rationale for Filch working at Hogwarts for years and years, given that he can't do magic, and to explore the possibility of fluff between Argus and Irma. I wanted to humanize him, but I was a little worried I'd strayed too far from the rather nasty fellow present in canon. I'm glad you feel like it all fits, though.

Yeah, it is a little bit of a drabble, just a simple one-shot. I don't have any plans as of now to turn it into something longer, but I won't rule out the possibility of writing more Filch/Pince in the future, maybe as part of ongoing work.

Thanks so much for your lovely review :)


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